What breed of chicken lays white eggs? ( Here are 20 Amazing Breeds that Do!)


Curious to know, what breed of chicken lays white eggs? Well, we have 2O types of white egg layers that will give you a good choice of different breeds of hens to add to your flock.

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Grocery stores usually don’t have different color eggs and really all you see are white eggs. The general public is used to seeing white eggs unless you have your own egg layers or source from local farmers all you really know are white eggs.

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I love all types of color eggs so having white egg-laying hens can help my collection. Whether you want to add to the rest of your flock or just miss the white eggs you are used to seeing this is a great post for you.

Having a pet chicken or backyard chickens is a game changer as there is nothing better than having fresh eggs no matter what color they may be. Whether eggs are blue, green eggs, brown, or white the flavor of eggs is the same.

 chicken laying white eggs

 One thing is for sure, quality matters, learn more about the Truth behind Farm Fresh Eggs vs Store-Bought Eggs. You will find the difference between free-range eggs to farm fresh.

Having your own backyard flock and raising rare breeds of hens is addicting especially when you have good egg production. I think the greatest part is creating your own rainbow with eggs so by adding white eggs you can play around with the different shades of white. 

Mediterranean Breeds are one of the best egg layers that lay white eggs and are good layers that can start producing in 5-6 months. There are many breeds of chickens that lay white eggs, so we rounded out the best ones below.

What breed of chicken lays white eggs?


Appearance/ Quick facts

These chickens can look like the leghorn chicken breed and can be black and white in color. They are not great in cold weather but are great heat tolerant birds that grow to be at least 6 lbs.

 Definitely, a chicken that is recommended for homesteaders because they love to forage. 

Egg production

  • 4-6 eggs a week 
  • lay about 220-300 eggs a year. 
  • Have medium to large egg


Appearance/ Quick Facts

This is a dual-purpose chicken that is black, and white and has a greenish shine to it in the sun. Minocras’ body is long and their overall size is pretty large compared to most breeds as they can weigh up to 8 lbs. 

Egg production

  • 5-6 eggs a week
  • 140-220 eggs a year
  • Extra large egg size

Other breeds: black Minorca, Buff Minorca 


Appearance/ Quick Facts

Another dual-purpose bird that is great to raise for meat or egg production. Hollands is black/white in color and the body is heart-shaped. Hollands are great foragers and calm birds and great for families with children. 

Their feathers are fluffy and their legs are long. Hens can grow to be almost 7lbs and roosters can grow to be 8.5 lbs.

Egg production

  • 3-4 eggs a week
  • 200-240 eggs a year 
  • medium to large size egg

Polish Chickens

Appearance/Quick Facts

Polish chickens are easy to point out because of their head feathers that look like a pom-pom. As for their size, they are medium size chickens that can weigh up to 6 lbs. 

They have a V-shaped body, come in many various colors, and have long beaks. Recommended for family flocks as they have a great temperament and are calm birds, low maintenance, and can do well in the heat.

Egg production

  • 2-4 eggs per week
  • 200 eggs per year
  • Small size egg

Other Polish Breeds

laced, Buff, Silver, White Crested Black, Black Crested White


Appearance/Quick Facts

This chicken has a gold neck and can have gold, black or silver color throughout the body and have a pattern of these colors down its tail. Not the friendliest bird but are very smart compared to most chickens as well as great foragers. 

Campines are pretty chickens that are small birds that hold up their tails high and can grow to be 5 lbs. 

Egg production

  • About 3 eggs a week
  • Medium egg size
  • 140-160 eggs a year

Other breeds

Golden Campines 


Appearance/Quick Facts

They have a black neck, the tail has some black it, and a white body. The Lakenvelder breed has an upright stature and does well in the heat. 

They can grow to be at least 5lbs in size and do not like to be confined in small spaces so make sure you have a good size chicken coop for them.

Egg production

  • 1-3 eggs a week
  • Medium egg size
  • 160 eggs a year


Appearance/Quick Facts

This is a good size bird that can grow to about 6-8 pounds and can also be a dual-purpose bird. They are not aggressive, love to forage, and, have a light tan bodies. white ear lobes, and have a few black feathers on their tail. 

Catalana is actually known to do very well in the heat so they are perfect for hot climates like my location in Florida. They are not known to be cold-hardy chickens and don’t go broody often.

Egg production

  • 3-5 eggs a week
  • 150-200 eggs a year
  • Medium egg size


Appearance/Quick Facts

Big breast, long back, and can be all white or a nice brown color that have strikes of orange and yellow in their feathers. Their bodies are also short and their beaks can be yellow. 

You can distinguish this breed by their floppy or single rose combs. They can live up to 7 years and can be a dual-purpose birds. 

Egg production

250-300 eggs per year 

4 eggs per week.

These white eggs can be large to Extra large in size

Other breeds

Pearl White Leghorn, Red leghorns 


Appearance/Quick Facts

Redcaps are one of the oldest dual-purpose chickens that are famous for the large comb on top of their head that looks like a crown. Brown and light brown color feathers can grow about 6-8 lbs.

Red caps are one of the oldest breeds dating back to the 1800s and are medium size hens that can live up to 10 years. They are the happiest when they are foraging and hard to come by these days so if she sees one definitely consider buying one.

Egg production

  • 4 eggs a week
  • 150-200 eggs a year 
  • Large egg size


Appearance/Quick facts  

This is another old breed imported from England in the 1800s that has a beautiful black and white lace pattern feather, reddish eye color, long deep bodies, and no feather feathers on legs or feet. Andalusians don’t really do well in the cold as it is a Mediterranean birds.

Egg production

  • 3 eggs a week
  • 159 eggs a year
  • Larger white eggs

Egyptian Fayoumis

Appearance/Quick facts

This bird can grow up to 5 pounds and have a silver/white head and black/white feathered body. They are independent birds that love to forage and are one of the oldest breeds as history believes they have been around since the Egyptians.

Not a very friendly chicken, that doesn’t do very well in cold temperatures as they are best suited for hotter climates. 

Egg production

  • 150-200 off-white eggs a year
  • Small size egg

California White

Appearance/Quick Facts

The California white chicken can grow to about 5-7 lbs, have white feathers and some can have black spots laced in their feather, and have red ear lobes. They can energetic or calm and are very adaptable.

They can also be used as a dual-purpose bird so if you want them for eggs or meat this is a good choice.

Egg production

  • Large egg size
  • 300 eggs in a year

B.B red old English Game Bantam

Appearance/Quick Facts

This bird originated in England and is a smaller bird that can grow to about 2 pounds. They are very active little birds that have beautiful red and, orange color feathers. The Old English can hold up well in heat or cold conditions and can be a great addition to your flock.

Egg production

  • Small egg size
  • 120 eggs a year

Black Tail Buff Japanese

Appearance/Quick Facts 

This a beautiful looking chicken and is usually used to show and is a popular bird overall. They have short legs, and a reddish/orange body with a mix of blacks, greens, and blues in their tail. 

They have easily tamed birds and are originally from Japan. Black Tail Buff Japanese birds do not do well in the cold but do better in warmer climates

Egg production

  • Small egg size
  • 75 eggs per year

Sicilian Buttercups

Appearance/Quick facts 

This is a Mediterranean breed that has orange-red, black speckled feathers, different comb shapes, green legs, and an overall attractive chicken. They do well in cold and hot climates and can also be used as meat birds.

They can grow up to 5- 6.5 lbs, are great foragers, and can be friendly and can be very active birds. 

Egg production

  • Medium size eggs
  • 2-4 eggs a week
  • 140-180 eggs a year


Appearance/Quick Facts

Houdans have a V-shaped fluffy comb, come in a variety of colors with mixes of black, white, and orange-reddish feathers, and have five toes. They can handle heat well but have a poor tolerance for cold weather. This chicken can grow to be 6-8 pounds and can be used use for eggs or meat.

Egg production

  • Medium egg size egg
  • 1-2 eggs a week
  • 150-180 eggs a year

Silver Phoenix

Appearance/Quick Facts 

Silver phoenixes are originally from japan and are known to have a very long tail that can be 20 feet in length. You can recognize them as having white backs, and silver, green and black feathers. When it comes to weather tolerance they are not very cold-hardy but can handle the heat well. 

These are beautiful chickens that can grow to be 4-5 pounds, Their temperament can be seen as gentle, and are easily tamed. 

Egg production

  • 1 egg a week
  • Small egg size
  • 40-156 eggs a year


Appearance/Quick Facts 

A very attractive bird with black, green tint feathers, and black legs, and can grow to be 4-5 pounds. This is a rare breed and has the temperament to not be very friendly. Sumatra chickens do like to be in tight spaces and need space to forage.  

Egg production

  • Small egg size
  • 100 eggs a year


Appearance/Quick Facts 

Originally from Turkey, Sultan chickens have all-white feathers from head to toe and can grow to about 4-5 pounds.  This small bird has a V-shaped feathery comb, have 5 toes, long white feather beards, and a red face. 

A great bird to add to your flock these birds are friendly, calm, and can be easily handled.

Egg production

  • 1 egg a week
  • 50 eggs  year

White Silkie Bantam

Appearance/ Quick Facts

Originally from China, Whtie Silkie Bantams are popular chickens for families with children so it is a great choice for a backyard chicken. They are soft, fluffy, have blue earlobes, and have white feathers that feel like human hair.

They are small chickens that actually make good mother chickens as they are broody often. It might be one of the sweetest chickens in the world! Lol 

Egg production

  • Small egg size
  • 100-120 eggs a year

FAQ What breed of chicken lays white eggs

white and brown eggs in a basket


Some chickens lay white eggs because of their breed, depending on their chicken genes. According to Michigan State University, “the breed of the hen will indicate what color eggs she will produce. For example, Leghorn chickens lay white eggs while Orpington’s lay brown eggs and Ameraucana produce blue eggs.” 


There is no difference between white and brown egg layers, as they taste the same and their color depends on the same thing which is the breed of chicken. 

Actually, this is the same for all color eggs, no egg is better than another, but of course, the color is what is more appealing. Especially when you can create an egg rainbow, I love beautiful colorful eggs!

carton of white eggs

How do you tell if a hen lays white eggs?

A tip to find out if a hen will lay a white egg is to look at the chicken’s ear lobe, if it is white then they typically produce white eggs. 

What does it mean if a chicken lays a white egg?

If a chicken lays white eggs, it means the bird does not deposit a pigment that will turn an egg a color other than white. An intresting fact is all eggs start out white first when the egg-laying process begins.

What is the best white egg-laying chicken?

The best white egg-laying chickens are the chickens that have many positive characteristics from the number of eggs laid in a year and temperament. Some will say Polish chickens, Leghorns, Ancona chickens, and Mediterrane breeds are the best white egg-laying chickens. 

a pile of white chicken eggs

What chicken lays jumbo white eggs?

Chickens that lay jumbo white eggs are Minorca chickens and Leghorn Chickens. Redcap chickens and Andalusian chickens are also chickens that lay white large eggs. 

Are brown eggs or white eggs better for you?

Nutritionally there is no difference between white eggs and brown eggs. Color is not the way to see if a certain egg is better for you. 

The best way to know if the egg is better is how are the hens raised. From cage-free to free range our post Truth behind Farm Fresh Eggs vs Store-Bought Eggs post will give you all the information you need to know on which eggs are better for you.

It is good to know all the types of chicken that lay white eggs so you can pick and choose which one is right for you. Creating a flock that will provide different colored eggs is a goal for a lot of chicken lovers and adding a white egg layer is a perfect addition to bring in some diversity. 

white eggs broken with yellow yolk

Backyard chicken keepers will understand the obsession with different colors of eggs, caring for and being around chickens not just for eggs but for the pure enjoyment of having them around. 

For all chicken-inspired products like a great egg basket is a must-have, check out our chicken must-haves below. 

There is nothing like gathering fresh chicken eggs from your coop and it is even better when you can share with others or make a profit with chicken eggs. 

White chicken eggs might be the color egg you are missing to help your chicken egg goals. We hope you found the best breeds that you were looking for!

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