The Best guide to Living a Modern Homesteading Life


It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or have 20 acres to your name, you can have a modern homesteading life anywhere.

Modern Homesteading Table of Contents

There has been a growing movement of people growing their own food and getting back to their roots. A life of self-sufficiency, making an environmental impact, and finding a new sense of control when it comes to food security is now at the forefront.

An aspiring modern homesteader who is done living the comfortable city life and wants a better quality of life will love this complete guide.

Having farm-fresh eggs, raising your own meat, and having your own homestead garden is a dream that many people have, know that you are not alone in your journey wherever you are or at whatever stage you are in.

Guide to live a Modern Homesteading Life

1.) Set Goals

The first step in living a modern homesteading life is to evaluate what you want in life and set goals for yourself. Modern homesteading can look different for everyone, so asking yourself what you really are striving for is a good place to start.

  • Does off-grid living interest you?
  • Having backyard animals?
  • Do you want a chicken coop?
  • Is your goal not to shop at the grocery store, but to get food from your own backyard garden?
  • Do you want to quit your day job and end the rat race?
  • Would you like a small farm?

All the answers to these questions are up to you, not all modern homesteaders want all the things and it’s okay if you want a garden but don’t want chicken, it really depends on what homestead you want.

Set goals and then plan on how you will reach them!

For example, if your goal is to have some land then getting out of debt to help pay for your goals is a starting point.

2.) Start where you are and Start Small

You do not need much space to homestead in modern times all you need to do is start where you are. Homesteaders can live in an apartment, townhome, or have some land, it’s all about creating a mindset that helps you develop a modern homesteading life.

You can start small by focusing on small projects first and choosing a great option and becoming an urban homesteader. As long as you have a meaningful approach to learning new things and starting to learn self-sufficiency skills.

3.) Develop a DIY mindset

Doing it yourself is a modern homesteader mindset, if I see something I first thought is how would I make that myself?

Developing basic skills to create a self-sustainable life is key to modern homesteading which may include making your own butter, making your own soap, or personal care items.

When you slowly learn basic skills you will also develop crucial skills like cooking from scratch and baking

A DIY mindset will come in time, don’t be afraid to learn from your mistakes and learn as you go.

4.) Be less Reliable to society

Taking care of your own needs and not relying on society is important in modern homesteading life because being self-sufficient in as many things as you can is key.

Learning to live naturally when it comes to your health and becoming debt free are two important ways to help you be less reliant on society or the government in general.

Having the personal freedom to make your own rules and decisions is a very freeing feeling and any homesteader will tell you having more freedom than others is the ultimate goal.

5.) Embrace being a Homebody

Being home on a regular basis and becoming a homebody helps homesteaders create a life they don’t have to run from.

Self-sufficiency is work, with that it takes time, and being home is needed to get certain tasks done.

Embracing being home and creating a life you love to be around and enjoy is a beautiful thing. I recommend creating a garden you never want to leave from, I know my garden keeps me home and I love every moment of it.

6.) Work with what you have.

There is a huge difference between people who think about what they don’t; have to others who focus on what they do have.

It is hard to get everything you want all at once, so taking it one day at a time and working on what you do have will help you go far. Proper tools are nice to have, but in the meantime get crafty and have fun with the process of learning how to be self-sufficient on your own terms.

These six tips can guide you on how to live a modern homesteading life and our free resource below will help you take it a step further!

Learn how to start your own modern homesteading life by snagging our ebook of over 170 pages of homesteading skills from sixteen different homesteaders.

free homesteading Ebook

    There has been a big movement of people growing their own food and getting back to their roots. A life of self-sufficiency and finding a new sense of control when it comes to food security are now at the forefront.

    It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or have 20 acres to your name, you can homestead anywhere. If you have the dream of creating a natural lifestyle and a more self-sufficient lifestyle when this ebook is for you.

    homestead anywhere ebook pages

    Together I and 16 other homesteaders have worked to provide you with a beginner’s guide to start living a modern homesteading life with all types of tips and skills.

    Not only that, one of our mentors Lisa Bass from, wrote us a beautiful forward for this amazing ebook.

    Below is a quote from part of the forward she wrote.

    a quote from lisa bass from farmhouse on boone

    What do I get in the Homestead Anywhere Ebook?

    All the categories we cover are listed below with the homesteader who wrote the content.

    How to Find a Homestead land by

    How to get out of Debit by

    Composting, Vegetable gardening & DIY projects by

    Strawberries in a Jar & Create a Homestead Pantry by

    Cooking with a Cast Iron & Lacto Fermentation by

    Homemade Tomato sauce Recipe by

    Healthy Desserts by

    Pressure, Waterbath Canning & Rasing Meat by

    Crochet for Beginners by

    DIY tissue box cover by

    DIY Beeswax Wraps by

    Raising back yard Chickens by

    Simplifying your life by· 

    DIY toiletries by

    DIY Cleaning products by·

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      The beauty of this ebook is that all these homesteaders are from all walks of life, and are all in different stages of their homesteading life journey. 

      I guarantee you will be able to relate to at least one of these amazing women, as they all have their own stories to tell and are willing to share their experiences with you. 

      Here are the faces of the Homestead Everywhere Ebook

      16 different homestead bloggers

      I’m very proud to be a part of this group of amazing modern homesteaders who want to share and keep educating others. The modern homesteading community is a great group of people who are sharing and learning from each other constantly. 

      Now for all of you out there who still have questions, here are some popular ones!

      FAQ of a Homesteading life

      a man on a farm feeding sheep on pasture

      What is a homesteader?

      A homesteader can be defined as a person who thrives to be independent and self-sufficient by working with nature in one or more ways in their day today. It’s a lifestyle that focuses on food security, natural living, and homemade crafts that help them depend on themselves. 

      Homesteaders do not fit in one category, as they can come in all shapes and sizes. There are rural homesteaders, urban homesteaders, suburban homesteaders, apartment homesteaders, and off-grid homesteaders.

      Honestly, if you consider yourself a homesteader then you are one. Everyone has their definition and values of what a homesteading life is to them. Just because you garden or have chickens doesn’t mean you are a homesteader. It all depends on each person’s personal goals and values of what a homesteading life is to them.

      someone holding a tray of a vegetable harvest from a garden

      What does it mean to have a Homesteading life?

      A homesteading life means you can be self-sufficient and sustainable on your own. Regardless of whether you live in a small-scale homesteading life or a large-scale homesteading life, you devote your time to this lifestyle. 

      You don’t have to grow 100% of your food, preserve it all, or kill your chickens for meat to have a homesteading life. Homesteading life is a broad term that can be explained in multiple ways.

      Some homesteaders work from home or outside their home and still manage to do as much as they can to live naturally or with intention. Homesteading is a way of life that is not for everyone but if you feel a deeper connection to nature and strive to be self-sufficient as much as you can, then that is all that matters.

      What is this Beginners guide to start living a Homesteading Life? 

      This guide is not only for beginners, It can also be for anyone who wants to learn new skills since there are so many topics we cover.

      Our guide to start living a homesteading life is organized by topic and provides step-by-step instructions for all types of homesteading skills.

      1862 homestead of a family out side in the garden in front of their home

      What is the Homestead Act of 1862?

      This act has one of the longest act In America that provided up to 160 acres of land to American citizens who claim that amount of land for a certain fee.

      The act let immigrants, slaves, and women claim this free land to farm and create a homestead of their own. According to, the act “resulted in 10 percent of U.S. land—or 270 million acres—to be claimed, had settlers pay $18—$10 to claim the land, $2 for commission to the land, $6 final payment to receive an official patent on the land as well as $1.25 per acre following six months of proven residency.”

      The downfall of the act was that some people did take advantage of the act in various ways and it forced Native Americans out of the land they were living on. Native Americans were forced to live on reservations.

      backyard chicken free ranging

      What are the Secrets of Homesteading?

      In my opinion, the secret of homesteading is to not give up, stick to what you believe in, and always keep learning. Using resources like our free Ebook can help educate you with all types of tips and tricks used in a homesteading life.

      There are so many things you can do on a homestead, and it’s okay if you might not know them all. Surely the fun of homesteading is to learn little by little along the way of your homesteading journey. 

      Secrets are not made to be told, with homesteading there are no secrets to be kept. When it comes to learning how to have a homesteading life, the community welcomes, shares, and supports all.

      We all learn differently, so depending on your learning style you can find a lot of information out there that comes with a price or is free of charge. Look no further as you have an amazing resource right in front of you, our Homesteading Anywhere Ebook!

      hands that are crocheting

      Can you make a living off homesteading?

      Yes, you can make a living off homesteading if you do what you know or have been taught to do around the homestead. By selling vegetables, flowers, eggs, milk, livestock and making all sorts of crafts or body products you can make money on your homestead.

      If you don’t have livestock or a big garden to sell things from you can use your creativity and create household items with crocheting, macrame, sewing, and all types of mediums to help you make extra money. 

      So many others just do enough to help provide for their family and homestead not to be rich. Homesteading living is not about making tons of money but making enough to help you live a life of self-sufficiency.

      Our ebook has many skills you can use to make money on your homestead today!

      a dollar bill in dirt

      How much does it cost to start homesteading?

      It depends on where you live and how you want to live. Since you can homestead anywhere, the cost to start homesteading can vary. But you can shop second-hand and get free materials to make anything on a homestead. So you don’t have to spend much unless you are buying things already built, or new.

      Starting a homestead with a raw piece of land might cost more than starting a homestead in a suburban area. The cost of homesteading is not a black and white answer, not all homesteaders want to do it all.

      Homesteading Life: Final thoughts 

      Why the Homesteading Lifestyle is Awesome?

      I think a homesteading life is awesome because it is a life that is full of beauty. There is nothing that feeds the soul better than working together with nature and making things with your own bare hands. 

      Life is busy, and there are times when we can’t always enjoy nature like we want or make things from scratch, but when you do yo it’s nice to have a homestead that provides you with all the resources you need to do whatever you desire to make.

      The beauty of Homesteading is knowing that you have taken the time to learn to do something you never thought you could do before. The feeling of self-sufficiency is amazing. 

      a cow on pasture under a tree in front of a sunrise

      Why Am I A Homesteader?

      Honestly, homesteading fell into my lap after I started growing my food. Learning how to make more things with my own hands has been therapeutic for me mentally. Eating more naturally has helped me in so many ways too. 

      I feel like I found a new sense of purpose and my life has come full circle. If you didn’t know, my first career choice before joining the military or becoming a nurse was an artist. I wanted to become an artist as a career so I studied fine arts in college and always saw art as my first love. 

      That being said, I feel like homesteading for me is like creating art. Creating a homestead, creating a garden, and striving to have a self-sufficient life which in turn helps me create beautiful things that keep my family healthy. This is why I am a homesteader.

      Homestead Anywhere Ebook

      I hope you got inspiration and motivation to keep your homesteading dreams going.

      Our ebook is a perfect resource to support your homesteading journey where you are. Snag it today so you can always have a great resource for your homesteading life where you are.

      free homesteading Ebook

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