100 Perfect & Useful Gifts for all Homesteaders


Here you will find the ultimate guide of 100 amazing useful gifts for homesteaders no matter where they live.

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Getting back to the basics, growing food, and self-sustainability is what homesteading is all about. Know someone who lives the homesteading life and needs to find them a gift?

Well, I have done the work for you and picked the most useful gifts for homesteaders!


From the country to the city, anyone can homestead at any scale and location.

As someone who is pursuing a homesteading life too, I can appreciate all these amazing starter gifts for homesteaders.

Here are 100 amazing gifts for the homesteader in your life!

100 Gifts for homesteading

Fermentation Gifts

  1. Easy Fermentation Wide mouth kit: Starting to ferment foods is exciting! You will make a homesteader very happy with this gift as it is a way for them to make their own gut-friendly foods with fermentations.

2.Mason tops Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit : This in another great fermentation gift set, but with 2 types of different weights! It’s always great to have more options and try out different ways to ferment.

3.Large glass fermentation weights: Simple glass weights to keep vegetables submerged under brine when trying to ferment them are a must-have. Gifting these handly tools will make a difference in a homesteader’s fermented journey.

4. Humble House SAUERKROCK Fermentation Crock: This is a great quality ceramic jar with a cadmium-free glaze that helps the homesteader in your life ferment vegetables the traditional way with a water channel crock.

5. Kombucha Starter Kit: Great kit to start making kombucha at home. Great gift for homesteaders who want to get their hands on some homemade kombucha.

6. ORGANIC Kombucha SCOBY : Any kombucha who is into making their own tea, will love a scoby of their own! Give the gift of kombucha in a unique way!

7. Swing Top Glass Bottles: Air-tight glass bottles are perfect gifts for homesteaders to use and make fermented drinks and also other homemade goods.

Books & Resources Gifts

8. Homestead Farm Management Planner: Getting organized helps keep track of all things (which can be a lot) for any homesteader. Gifting a planner specifically for a homesteading lifestyle is very helpful and thoughtful.

9. Fermented Vegetable Book: This gift will go hand-in-hand with our fermentation gift ideas! This book has more than 120 recipes for fermenting foods and has 64 different vegetables and herbs you can use.

10. The Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live It by John Seymour: Books are a great gift to give any homesteader! I could make a post just on how many books are helpful for this lifestyle.

This one has a lot of information, and homesteading beginners will learn a ton from this book!

11. The Big Book of Kombucha: The bible of all things Kombucha, I love this book! A homesteader will learn so much about this yummy fermented tea.

12. The First-Time Gardener: Growing Vegetables: Growing food our own food is important to the homesteader. A book, from Jessica at Roots and Refuge Farm (a homesteader/gardener fan favorite) is a great gift to help any gardener trying to grow food. For more great gardeners like Jess, our Best YouTube Gardners to Follow!

13. Flour Water Salt Yeast: The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza: This book is a NY Times bestseller and over 9,000 people reviews Amazon rating show this book about the fermented bread sourdough is a great gift for any homesteader, sourdough lover.

14. Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture: This book is about basic permaculture principles and designing a garden that is beautiful but functional. Perfect gift for the homesteader who loves to garden no matter what size garden they have.

15. 40 Projects for Building Your Backyard Homestead: Sustainable loving I one of the fundamentals of a homesteader’s way of life. A book like this one can help them continue that life and get plenty of hands-on project ideas.

16. Raised Bed Gardening for Beginners: Great book to give a homesteader who is just starting out with raised-beds in their garden!

17. The Prairie Homestead Cookbook: Homecooking is a lot of work, this book by Jill Winger can help out with making delicious food without the stress of doing it. Buying this book for someone will not go to waste, I guarantee they will use it all the time.

18. Great Garden Companions: Another great must-have garden book to gift the homesteader in your life. companion planting is a beneficial tool to use when growing vegetables, so all the knowledge in this book can go a long way in anyone’s garden.

19. JADAM Organic Farming: ULTRA Powerful Pest and Disease Control Solution: This book was recommended by a market garden that I look up too and it defiantly is a gold mine for helping others who grow food. Dealing with pests and diseases can be a pain! So having help guides and books like this gift is great to have.

20. Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving: Homesteaders who preserve their food with canning, will appreciate this book being gifted to them. It’s helpful, full of knowledge about canning and so much more!

21.Nourishing Traditions: Knowing what and why certain foods are good for the body will helphometsders focus on their health through food. Giving this book to a homesteader is a nice gesture and can help them be more aware of their nutrition.

22. Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook : When I got my dehydrator I bought this book ,and it ha been a great resource. If you know who uses a dehydrator then this will be a great book to gift!

23. Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills : A compltete guide on how to live a elf-suffivent life, this book is a great gift to give any homesteader who will love all the projects, information and instrution of how to do it all.

24. The Natural Soap Making Book for Beginners: Great book for homesteaders who want to learn how to make their own soap!

25. Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs: I have learned all about medicinal herbs and have enjoyed reading this boo myself. I love this book because it is simple and very informative. Amazing book to give!

26. The Beekeeper’s Bible: Although I’m not a beekeeper ..yet, reading this book has been an eyeopener to the world of beekeeping. Know a homesteader who is thinking about being a beekeeper? Well, this is a great book to give to them because it is truly the beekeeping bible.

27. Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre: Wow, is a great word to describe how this book teaches someone to grow so much food with limited space. I loved reading this book, and I know the homesteader who tries to grow as much food as possible will love it too.

Any Homesteader will Love Gifts

28. Egg Gathering Apron: Most homesteaders at least have some backyard chickens. This gift is perfect for harvesting eggs for any size chicken coop!

29. Funny novelty rooster mug: This funny rooster mug is a perfect gift to give a homesteader ( especially if you don’t what to get them).

30. Home Sweet Homestead shirt: You can’t go wrong with a homesteader shirt like this one for a gift if you are not sure on what time to give a homesteader.

31. Girl Who Loves Chickens Shirt: Another great chicken-inspired gift for the homesteader who has chickens!

32. Bootstrap Farmer Gift Card: Farmers and homesteaders use simpler tools for all things outside, Bootstrap farmer is a great online store so a gift card is actually a perfect gift.

33. Antique Wire Egg Basket: Wire baskets like this, are great for collecting eggs! Give someone this handy gift and will for sure use it to use around their homestead.

34.Hanging Metal Herb Drying Rack: Drying herbs can be beneficial and beautiful in any homesteader’s home. Gifting this stylish metal rack can be a beautiful and functional gift.

35. Mason Jar Lids Five Piece Starter Set: Eco-friendly gifts like these must-have lids for mason jars can make a great gift for any homesteader who uses glass jars mason jars.

36. 22 Pcs Beekeeping Tools Kit: Know a homesteader who is interested in beekeeping or who you know will love new gear then this 22 piece set is perfect to gift! It has all the basic tools needed to have bees.

37. Reusable Farmers Market Shopping Bags: Sustainable bags are perfect for zero-waste homesteaders and can make a perfect gift for any occasion. You can’t beat that this kit comes with six bags to use!

38. Beeswax Food Wrap Set & Produce bag: Using beeswax food wraps is a great way to reduce plastic waste and is a perfect eco-friendly gift for any homesteader.

39. Fire Wood Bag: Keeping firewood in one place or portable is a great convenience. This canvas firewood bag can be used in multiple ways! It carries other things you need to transport, and it is a great gift for a homesteader even if they don’t have a fireplace.

40. Carhartt Active Work Jacket: This well-known and dependable brand jacket is a must-have for all hard-working farmers and homesteaders. Amazing gift to give someone who works hard every day outside.

41. Unisex Animal Socks : Don’t know what to give the homesteader in your life, sun animal socks never fails!

42. Campark Trail Camera: A very handy tool for homesteaders who needed to monitor wildlife and would appreciate a thoughtful gift like this one.

43. Personalized – Homestead Family Sign: Personalized gifts, in general, are so heartfelt, and giving a homesteading sign to a family with their name would be perfect!

43. Men & Women’s Straw Sun Hat,UPF 50+: Protection from the sun is a must! This hat is great-looking and functional.

44. Waterproof Rooster Apron: I think a waterproof apron is a must to have for a homesteader who needs the protection of one while doing all the chores we do living on a homestead. A great gift that looks great but functional too!

Kitchen Tools & Gadgets Gifts for Homesteaders

46. Canning Kit: This is a gift that is great for homesteading beginners who are just starting canning their hard work. Giving these simple supplies will be super helpful and overall make a great gift.

47. 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker: This is an amazing gift to give a homesteader who doesn’t already have one. This canner and cooker are practical and functional in the homestead kitchen.

48.Dutch Oven and Frying Pan : Cooking with a dutch oven is amazing! I can say from personal experience I can’t cook without mine in the kitchen. This gift is a 2 in 1 because this dutch oven also doubles as a frying pan too!

49. Ball Pint Mason Jars: A homesteader can never have too many mason jars no matter where they live. Just place a big bow on this gift and it will make an amazing present for the homesteader.

50. Premium Canning Kit: Stainless steel canning kit is an amazing gift for a homesteader’s kitchen to help with all their preserving food needs.

51. Hand Carved Rolling Pin, Set of 3: For the homesteader who loves to bake in the kitchen, these beautiful hand-carved rolling pins give great detail designs to any baking good they create.

52. Stainless Steel Antique Inspired Serving Utensils, Set of 2: This beautiful traditional-looking serving utensils would look great In a farmhouse kitchen. Great gift for homesteaders who love an old-world style!

53. Bread Baking Kit Gift Set : Baking bread takes some time to perfect, but his nice gift set is a great starter kit!

54. Cast Iron: There s so much I can say using a cast ion tie and time again in the kitchen. Do you homesteader a favor..get them a cast-iron even if they have one already! You can never have enough

55. Magic Mill Food Dehydrator Machine: There are many types of dehydrators and a favorite among homesteaders is the Excalibur Dehydrator, but The Magic mill is cheaper, works great, and does take up to much space. ( I love mine!) Amazing gift to give to the ones who want to try another way of preserving food.

56. Electric Grain Grinders Mill Machine: I can’t wait to get this for me! Having an electric grinder to make your own flour is a game-changer. I love how it’s stainless steel and is very durable.

57. Instant Pot: For homesteaders, an instant pot is a time saver! At least for me, it is..any homesteader would be so grateful to be gifted one of these bad boys

58. Stainless Steel Bowls: Simple and practical gift to give, but will be definitely appreciated by any homesteader who is always busy in the kitchen.

59. Kitchen Compost Bin: Having a compost system is very beneficial to have, and creating one in the kitchen is a must. A compost bin like this one is a cute but functional gift for homesteaders.

60. Farmhouse Bread Box : Bread boxes are maximizing storage options for not only bread but other baked or store-bought goods. Buying one of these to give can be a simple and beautiful kitchen addition to any home.

61. Hamilton Beach Bread Maker: Breadmaking gifts are always a good idea for a baker, even ones like this one that can make bread making so much easier for days that get too busy.

62. Wooden Spoons Kit: Wood spoons are a classic gift for homesteaders, I can say positively that people have at least a couple of wooden spoons they use on a daily basis. Gifting a beautiful but functional gift like wooden spoons is always a good idea.

63. Berkley Gravity-Fed Water Filter: All the rave and many great reviews of the Berkely Water Filter are a true testament to how amazing this gift can be for a lucky homesteader!

64. Butter-Oil-Tincture Infuser Maker Machine Complete Kit: A homesteader does not have to make memories making butter the old-fashioned way. Getting one of these bad boys can make things so much easier and still provide great homemade food like butter, various kinds of milk, smoothies, and so much more!

Gardening & Outdoors Gifts for Homesteaders

65. 40 Assorted Vegetable & Herb Seeds: Seeds, seeds, and more seed! Growing food is a big part of homesteading. These are a good mix of seeds for someone who won’t know what to get, but my favorite place to buy seed is Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

66. Window Bird House Feeder: Birdhouses are a great addition to gardens, if you know a homesteader with a garden of any size, gift them. great birdhouse like this one as a gift.

67. HOSS tools Gift Card: A great company like HOSS is great for all garden needs, you can’t go wrong with a gift card for a homesteader who can buy whatever they need in their own garden.

68. Welcome To Our Garden Sign: Emboss letters, crafted by metal and gives any garden some farmhouse charm, this sign will be a great addition to any homesteader’s garden.

69. Garden Tower 2- 50Plant Composting Vertical Garden Planter: One of the most advanced planters out there, this gift is very diverse and can be for any homesteader no matter if they live in an apartment or on acres.

70. VIVOSUN Outdoor Tumbling Composter: Tumbling compost re popular for homesteaders who are limited in space or for others who just love the easy simple way of composting with this amazing gift.

71. Steel Seed Storage Box Organizer: A cute stainless steel box like this one would help a gardener to help them hold their seeds. For another great practical storage gift for a gardener is giving Photo boxes, which are not the pretties gift but an amazing way to storage seeds successfully.

72. 83 Pcs Garden Tools Set: This cute gardening kit has the basic tools you need for gardening. Any homesteading beginner would love this thoughtful gift!

73. Walk-In Greenhouse: Greenhouses are a game-changer for gardeners, gift a simple but functional greenhouse to someone, and for sure they will not stop thanking you for it.

74. Herb plant of fruit tree: Give the gift of life and give a tree to a homesteader that can add it to their homestead. Fruit trees can be a great addition to any home or garden!

75. Grow Bags: It doesn’t matter if you have plenty of cares or none, growing bags can benefit all homesteaders who grow food. Providing this for someone is a great idea for any occasion.

76. Seed Starter Kit : Seed starting can be intimidating for some who haven’t had much success with it, but gifting a seed starter kit like this one will give them a boost to keep trying. Or you can give this gift to someone who would benefit from having more seed starting supplies..definitely a win, win gift.

77. Roo Garden Apron: The infamous Roo apron, a gardener’s dream harvesting tool and a great gift to give an avid gardener who will appreciate this gift very much.

78. Garden Irrigation System : Watering is one of the key components of growing nutritious food in the garden, so gifting an irrigation system like this one can help out a homesteader tremendously.

79. Original Garden Hod, Harvest Basket: Baskets, in general, can be so useful around any homestead. A harvest basket is a perfect gift for all homesteaders who love to garden and harvest the fruit of their labor.

80. Mason Bee Houses for Garden: Bee homes not only help our bees but serve a bigger purpose by helping mother nature in a big way. Giving someone a bee house is giving them an opportunity to help provide the insects that help our world.

Personal Care Gifts for Homesteaders

81. 4 Oatmeal & Honey, Goat Milk Soap Bars: All these ingredients can be so soothing for the skin, so having it in one bar will make bysomeone’s days if they are given one of these soap bars.

82. Touchy Skin Salve Kit: Salves can be a great gift to give anyone for any skin type, making them or buying them can be a great way to show your appreciation for others.

83. Artnaturals Foot Spa Massager – Lights & Bubbles: Not a conventional gift but a needed one for self-care, especially for homesteaders who are always working hard on their feet.

84. 6 Bath Bombs Organic Shea Butter Gift Set – No matter the occasion, these organic bath bombs can be a great natural support for homesteader’s skin.

85. Cliganic USDA Organic Aromatherapy TOP 12 Essential Oils Set: Organic essential oils are the best type of oils you can gift someone as they can use them for so many uses in their home or personal care.

Crafting Gifts for Homesteaders

86. Full Soap Making Supplies kit : DIY soap making is a popular craft for homesteaders to do so giving a gift of a set like this one is a very thoughtful one.

87. Portable Sewing Machine: Learning how to sew can be a process! But giving this nice mini sewing machine will make it easier for any homesteader who is learning to sew.

88. 3 Sets Embroidery Starter Kit: Either they are learning to embroider or will help them continue to do it, giving an embroidery kit is an amazing gift idea.

89. Acrylic Yarn Skeins with Crochet Hook Kit: Another great craft some homesteaders love to do! Crochet kits can be a fun gift to give to anyone who loves to craft.

90. Hearth Basket Weaving Kit: Making a basket and learning to water can be a great skill to have. The crafty homesteader in your life would love such a thoughtful and fun gift.

91. Macrame Kit – Makes 3 Macrame Plant Hangers: I love doing macrame! Some homesteaders love to do it too, so I know they would love to get a macrame kit as a gift.

92. Candle Making Kit: Candling making is a very popular craft, not only for homesteaders but for many others who just love to make all things. Finding a great candle-making kit like this one is a great find!

Farm Gifts for Kid Homesteaders

93. A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Chickens: Chickens are a great animal to keep on a homestead, and most kids love to give a helping hand caring for them too. Educate kids in a fun way on how to help their parents keep chickens on their homestead.

94. Carhartt baby-boys Bib Overall: Just like the adult jacket, kids can totally wear a Carhartt jacket too since they are outside helping out with their homesteader right along with their parents most of the time.

95. STEM Butterfly Journal Kit: Butterflies are so important in our world, and showing kids their process is an amazing gift to give.

96. Farm Local Food T-Shirt: Clothing for kids can be an easy and quick gift to get for a child, especially one that shows such an important message.

97. Nature Toys Root-Vue: Homestead kids have an amazing classroom all around them and by showing them firsthand how food grows a great way to make growing food so much fun to do.

98. Muddy Maker Mud Kitchen: You can most definitely build one of these cool, fun gifts for kids who love being outside but buying one can be a little easier on you and will overall put a smile on any child’s face.

99. Children Gardening Tool Set: My children love to help me in the garden and many other homesteaders enjoy those moments in the garden with their kids as well. Giving a useful gardening kit for a child would be perfect!

100. Kid’s Waterproof Printed Rain Boot: Kid rain boots are a cute and functional gift any child can use while they play outside. Pick out a cute pair for the child homesteader you know, I know they will love them!

You can definitely get some great gift ideas to give the homesteader in your life! I hope you found something you liked, or if anything got some great inspiration on gifts for homesteaders.

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