The BEST Gardening Gifts for Women!


Here you will find over 40 gifts, the best gardening gifts for women!

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Do you know someone who started a garden this year? I bet you do!

People around the world turned to gardens so they can create food security and avoid the fear of not being able to find food.

I love that many there are so many fellow new Gardners! Now let’s find much-needed gifts to help them continue to grow more!

Gardening Gifts for Women Table of Contents

I can understand the many unique gardening gifts a gardener would love to have, especially women that have so many fun gardening gift options… it can be hard to choose!

I can appreciate a green thumb, garden lovers, and avid gardeners who are growing food with their food with your bare hands, sweat, tears, and good old fashion hard work.

All these practical gifts for gardeners will give great ideas on how to shop for gardening gifts for women.

Garden Tools

Electronic Gift Card

pink gift box with a golf ribbon on it

Electronic gift cards are a great gift idea for any vegetable gardeners, beginner gardeners, or a gardener with a flower garden. By purchasing a gardener a gift card they can have the freedom to get what they need. They are many companies’ gift cards to choose from. Some of my favorites include:

Bootstrap Farmer Gift Card : Bootstrap Farmer is a very well-own online store that helps thousands of gardens and farms with all their gardening needs.

Botanical Interests Gift Card: You can find plenty of seeds from botanical Intrest, a very well-known and reliable online seed company.

HOSS tools Gift Card : Not only known for great gardening tools HOSS Tools has plenty of vegetable and flower seeds to choose from too!


Growing vertically maximized your space, so this is a perfect gift for the woman in your life who loves to garden. I love my Greenstalk so much, I have 6 of them!

Seed Starting Trays

You can never have enough growing trays to help you grow all types of things. If your special someone doesn’t soil block, then this seed starting try kit is a great option to give as it comes with 5 trays!

Square Foot Gardening Template

This Square Foot Gardening Template is a great gift to keep gardeners organized and maximize their space in the garden. This hand tool is easy to use and inspired by the popular gardening system the book Square Foot Gardening made popular.

Floral Protective Gloves

Garden gloves are a great gift to help a gardener work outside. These breathable gloves can be great for summer or winter gardening.

Garden Tools Set

If you don’t know what tools your special woman has then the gift of this amazing garden toolset Is a great deal! Not only does it have the basic gardening hand tools but also a seat that will be very practical in the garden.

Floral Aluminum Garden Toolset

Floral anything is very pretty so a floral toolset is a great gift to give to the women gardener in your life.

Soil Blocker

Another great tool that is very useful for gardeners is a soil blocker! This is a self-sufficient way to start seeds, learn all about this awesome soil blocking method in our post Soil Blocking: Everything you need to know!

Tool Bag

This tool bag is such a great gift for a gardener who will appreciate a place to hold all their hand tools. Not a bad-looking bag either!

Water Wand

Water wands are so handy! Any gardener would love a brand new water wand to help with all their watering needs.

Water Can

What a cute watering can this is! Place a pretty red bow around this gift and it will make a gardener smile.

Seed Dispenser Kit

These handy little tools help gardeners sow seeds in trays or in the ground. Another great stocking stuffer or gift alone!

Garden labels

These labels will help gardeners label all their plants and look good in their garden too! Steel garden plant label are sturdy a will last for a long time, so will this pretty 12 Set Ceramic Herb Garden Plant Labels.

Gardening Knee pads

Gardening knee pads or a garden kneeler is a perfect gardening gift for a woman. Especially if they are fashionable with a cute design like this one. Gardening can be an enjoyable hobby for an avid gardener if they are comfortable doing it. Some type of kneeling pad is a great gardening gift for all types of gardeners.

Gardening Gift for Women: Plants & seeds

Garden Flower Mix Seeds

Growing flowers is a great way to help bees and make a garden beautiful. Giving a gift of mixed flower seeds is very thoughtful.

Garden seeds

Botanical Interests is a popular and amazing online seed company that has great quality seeds. Giving the gift of seeds is one of the best gifts you can give a woman who gardens. I know I can never have enough seed!

If you are not sure what seeds to buy then a Botanical Interests Gift Card can easily email to any friend or family member.

Any type of Tree

From all types of flowers to fruit bushes and evergreen trees, getting a woman a tree as a gift from PlantingTree™ Online Nursery is a gift she will remember for years to come!

Garden Themed Gift Sets

Garden-themed gift sets are very convenient for the gift giver. They are made to help you give a mix of things that all gardeners would love.

Popular garden-themed gifts are the ones that give you the material to grow something. Below are more amazing garden-themed gift sets to consider for the women gardener in your life.

Pepper Seed Starter Kit

Sprouter Gift Set

Tea Garden Kit

Pollinator Garden Gift Set

Garden Signs

Personalized Graden Sign

A personalized gift is always a good idea and makes your special someone feel like you took the time to get something thoughtful for them A garden sign that is personalized is a beautiful addition to any garden.

Funny Garden Signs

Everyone loves a good laugh, so a funny garden sign is a fun way to show your appreciation for the women gardener in your life.

More Garden signs are linked below!




Gardening Gifts for Women: Accessories

This unique gift is a no-mess indoor growing system, this smart garden is built in a full spectrum LED lighting system that enables plants to grow indoors year-round.

Funny garden socks

Fun Garden Shirt

I need this shirt! There are so many great funny garden shirts out there and this one is s fan-favorite among many fellow gardeners.

Garden coffee Mug

A floral or garden-themed mug is a simple ad easy gift for when you are unsure what to give or just you are on a budget.

Goplus Garden Cart Gardening Workseat w/Wheels

This gardening work set has a place to store garden tools, it has a tool tray under the seat for more storage and has an adjustable seat so you can set the right height. Amazing gift for women gardeners!

Harvest Basket

This classic harvest basket is an amazing gift for gardeners. You can rinse all your fruits and vegetables conveniently too with this handy harvest basket.

Gardening/Harvest Apron

This Roo Garden Apron has many different uses, from holding tools or harvesting food a garden will find a use for this amazing gift.


Sun hats or cute baseball caps are very practical and will make a very useful gift for gardeners! Gardeners can spend hours outside, so this gift will keep them safe from the heat.

Garden Rain Boots

Rain boots like the one above from Sloggers and Joules rain boots are known to be great boots to keep gardeners’ feet nice and dry. Giving a gift like these garden boots will make the gardener in your life very, very, happy!

Bird House

This Bird House is actually a practical and useful gift for gardeners. A birdhouse can help bring life to a garden and birds can help buy eating pesky bugs.

Gardening Books

I can make a gift guide just on garden books! There are so many useful garden books out there old and new. Gifting a book like The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener and Raised-Bed Gardening for beginners are two great gifts to give for a new gardener.

Below are other great garden books to choose from

Carrots Love Tomatoes: Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Gardening

The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible

Raised-Bed Gardening for Beginners

Garden Coloring Book

Coloring books are not just for kids, adults can find joy in coloring and creating something beautiful just like they do in the garden. Coloring is great for mental health and another way to express your creative side. This coloring book is very popular on Amazon and has a lot of great coloring pages to choose from.

Garden Journal/ Planner/Logbook

For the organized gardener, this Garden journal/Planner/Log Book is filled with great guidance on what to keep track of everything while gardening in any season.

Gardening Gifts for Women FAQ

What to gift to someone who likes gardening?

If you know someone who likes to garden gifting them a practical gift that helps them garden is a good place to start. Practical garden gifts are things like garden gloves, harvest baskets, tools, and seeds.

If you are unsure what gardeners use anything that is garden-themed is another tip. For example, any products with floral designs and garden-inspired shirts.

You can never go wrong with anything that reminds you of nature!

What to buy a gardener who has everything?

Gardeners who have everything can be tricky to gift, but you can never go wrong in getting them a pack of seeds. I know as a gardener myself I will never turn down a pack of seeds.

The reality is no gardener has everything, there is always something you want to add or improve in the garden. By listening to the gardener in your life and being mindful of what they talk about you can find something they will love to have.

What to get a mom who likes plants?

Plant moms are easy to gift because you can give one thing that they will always want. A plant!

Any plant mom would say there is no such thing as too many plants. If you want to be more creative with your gift check our Mother’s Day: The Best Gardening Gifts for Mom post!

What do you need for a flower gardener?

There are many types of thoughtful gift ideas for a flower gardener, especially gifts that make a beautiful garden stand out. For flower gardeners, you can give them anything floral when it comes to gifts, a wide variety of colors of flowers that they can grow from seeds and gifts that are perfect tools like garden clogs or decorative garden stakes.

Did you gift a gardener any one of these fantastic gifts? Please do tell in the comments below.


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