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Looking for trusted seed companies, look no further! Here you get to know all about 37 terrific seed companies you should know about.

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Finding seed companies that suit your region or climate can be overwhelming and getting seeds that are made for your region is important to be successful in the garden.

baker creek heirloom seeds

We are happy to share all these seed sources with you, some are online stores that have great prices and can fit your local climate depending on your region.

Try to branch out instead of always buying from big-box stores because you will get a wide selection with the following seed companies we list.

Of course, knowing the growing zones first will help you get a head start in seeing what kinds of seeds you will need.

Having some food security will benefit your family and teach future generations how to grow a kitchen garden. Growing from seed will save you money and help you grow a large selection of crops too.

Be sure to click on the free seed catalog links we share for some of our favorite seed companies!

Seed Companies Table Of Contents

I garden in central Florida (zone 9a), you can tell from the amount of southern state seed companies I listed. I guess I got carried away 🙂

If you need more help on how to choose the right seeds check out How to Choose the Best Garden Seeds.

Gardening is such a joy and as soon as you start to grow from seed it’s a game changer.

The satisfaction of seeing a seed germinate and grow is addicting!

I can’t get enough and love seeds starting with soil blocks. Learn how to start seeds with soil blocking here.

3/4 inch soil blocks

This list of seed companies is very informative and needed as gardening is more popular than ever. You will learn what each seed company is about, what types of seeds they have to offer, and their seed catalogs if available online.

West Coast Seed Companies

Seed Companies: Renee’s garden

Renee Shepherd started a seed company in the 80s and sold it to start Reene’s Garden in 1998. Fun fact Renee is currently the president of the Home Garden Association and in the past has served on the National Garden Association.

Her seed company offers a wide range of seeds that are high-quality and are tested in a trial garden to have seeds for every US climate zone.

They sell vegetables, flowers, bulbs, tubers, garden education/supplies, and garden recipe ebooks.

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom ✔Safe Seed Pledge
Website: Renne’s garden

Territorial Seed Company

Tom and Julie Johns created Territorial Seed Company in 1985 and grew the company quickly. Currently, they trail all seeds on their 75-acre farm and grow 20% of the seeds they offer.

They sell a wide range of vegetable seeds, fruit seeds, garlic, potatoes, cover crops, flower seeds, and herb seeds.

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom ✔Safe Seed Pledge
Website: Territorial Seed Company
Seed Catalog Link

Botanical Interests

Twenty-five years ago, Judy and Ron created the Botanical Interest seed company. Known for its beautiful artwork on its seed packets and top-quality seeds, Botanical Interest prides itself on giving back to others.

They created a seed donation program that has helped many schools, hospitals, food banks, veterans, and non-profits.

I personally love Botanical Interest, I never had issues with germination when using their seeds, and love all the information each seed packet has.

They sell all types of vegetable seeds, flower seeds, herb seeds, and garden products.

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom ✔Safe Seed Pledge
Website: Botanical Interests

a row of zinnia flowers

Floret Flowers

For more than a decade Erin Benzakein and her husband had a successful cut flower farm on 2 acres. It wasn’t till Erin wrote her first book on how to grow Cut flowers that the flower world couldn’t get enough of Floret Flowers.

With multiple books now, an online cut flower business course, a documentary show on Magnolia Network, and an online flower seed shop, Floret Flowers is now a popular flower seed company worldwide.

Even though they are not certified organic they use organic gardening practices and their seeds are not genetically modified. They sell flower seeds, cut flower education, and flower supplies.

Website: Floret Flowers

Swallowtail Garden Seeds

This is seed company is based in California and known for its great collection of flower seeds. You can buy all types of flowers, annuals, perennials, and flowering vines.

They also sell vegetable seeds, herb seeds, and can sell you seeds in bulk containing 500 to 5,000 seeds!

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom ✔Safe Seed Pledge
Website: Swallowtail Garden Seeds

Kitazawa Seed Company

A man named Gijiu Kitazawa open up a Kitazawa seed company store in 1917 located in San Jose, California. He was forced to close down because of WWII and started selling his seeds online helping many farmers establish their farms in California and Oregon.

Currently, they sell over 500 varieties of high-quality Asian vegetable seeds, and other exotic vegetables you can grow in your home garden.

They sell vegetable seeds, herb seeds, microgreen seeds, and edible flower seeds.

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom ✔Safe Seed Pledge
Website: Kitazawa Seed Company
Seed Catalog Link

Midwest Seed Companies

Baker Creek Heirloom

At the age of 17, Jere Gettle started the now popular Baker Creek Heirloom seed company in Missouri. Currently, it is one of the largest seed companies to have thousands of varieties of Heirloom seeds from over 70 countries.

baker creek heirloom seeds packets on a wood table

You can also visit their seed headquarter in Missouri, and enjoy learning from them at the National Heirloom Exposition in Santa Rosa, California.

They sell a wide range of vegetable seeds, flower seeds, and fruit seeds. Even though they are not certified organic they use organic gardening practices and their seeds are not genetically modified.

✔Non-GMO ✔ Heirloom ✔Safe Seed Pledge
Website: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Seed Catalog Link

Seed Savers Exchange

Diane and Kent Whealy started Seed Savers Exchange seed company in 1975 and currently sells about 20,000 plant varieties.

This company operates in Iowa on 890 acres and prides itself on educating and connecting with people around the world selling thousands of rare and heirloom seeds.

They sell flower seeds, and vegetable and herb seeds.

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom ✔Safe Seed Pledge
Website: Seed Savers Exchange
Seed Catalog Link

Annies Heirloom Seed

Scott and Julie are the owners of Annie’s Heirloom seed company which is named after Julie’s grandmother Annie. They pride themselves on being a small family business working on a farm in Michigan. Their company is known for its excellent seeds and great service.

If you’re looking for great quality heirloom seeds and herbs this company is highly recommended by many gardeners.

Annie’s Heirloom seeds sell vegetable, herb, and flower seeds, as well as garlic.

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom ✔Safe Seed Pledge
Website: Annie’s Heirloom Seeds
Seed Catalog Link

yellow sunflower

Sunflower Steve Seed Company

Steve has been a flower farmer for over twenty years and in the year 2022 officially started his sunflower seed company. He breeds the most unique and beautiful-looking sunflowers and one in particular called the Van Gough’s Fantasy kicked off his seed company’s first big sale.

He will be officially selling flower seeds in the year 2023! I’m excited for his seed company to open up officially to the public. I was lucky to be able to buy his Van Gough sunflower seeds from his big sale and got 100% germination.

Sunflower Steve Seed company will sell only flower seeds.

Website: Sunflower Seed Steve company

The Good Seed Company

Forty years ago the Good seed company started saving heirloom seeds and selling them to neighbors. Now they sell over 180 varieties of heirloom vegetable and culinary herbs seeds.

A very cool thing they have are seed libraries called Seeds Without Borders. This is a program where a community contributes to the seed library by growing food, saving seeds, and bringing them back to the library to share with others.

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom ✔Safe Seed Pledge
Website: Good Seed Company

Filaree Farm

Since 1977 Filaree Farm, located in North Central Washington, has been the largest garlic supplier in North America. This family-owned company sells disease-free seeds that are certified organic. A fun fact about them is that they grow over 100 strains of garlic!

They sell garlic seeds, garlic strains, sweet potato slips, shallots, asparagus crowns, and potato seeds.

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom ✔Safe Seed Pledge
Website: Filaree Farm
Seed Catalog Link

the homestead nurse holding garden harvest

Deep Harvest Farm

Annie Jesperson and Nathaniel Talbot own Deep Harvest farm on Whidbey Island, WA. Their seeds company also sells produce, creates flower arrangements for weddings, and partners with other pacific northwest farmers to sell their products as well. The farm is on 10 acres and everything they grow is certified organic.

Tailored for growers on the west coast they sell various vegetable seeds. Fun fact, I lived on Whidbey Island, WA, and can say it is a beautiful place to be.

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom ✔Safe Seed Pledge
Website: Deep Harvest Farm


Luke Marion, the founder of MIgardener started his company in 2011. You may know him from his popular MIgardener YouTube channel. He and his wife focus on organic gardening and educating others on how to grow food.

Located in Michigan this seeds company also has a retail store in St. Clair, Michigan. They sell garden supplies, vegetables, herbs, and flower seeds.

✔Non-GMO ✔ Heirloom
Website: MIgardener

a round wicker basket with garden harvest from a garden

Southern Seed Companies

Park Seeds

Park seeds have been in business for over 150 years and are currently based in South Carolina on 500 acres. George W. Park was the founder and later passed on to the company to family members.

They offer plants as well as seeds and sell veg seeds, herb seeds, flower seeds, fruit seeds, plants, and garden supplies.

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom
Website: Park seeds
Seed Catalog Link

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

In the 1980s Jeff McCormack and his wife started the Southern Exposure seed exchange. The seed company is located in central Virginia on 72 acres. They offer 800 varieties of herbs, vegetables, flowers, and cover crop seeds.

They focus on varieties for Mid-Atlantic and Southeast gardeners, and about 60% of seeds are certified organic as well as over 60% are grown by local farmers. They sell garden supplies, and mushrooms, and have great seed collection bundles.

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom
Website: Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Seed Catalog Link

Seeds N Such

Located in Augusta, Georgia, Seeds N Such is all about providing high-germinating and well-priced seeds.

As seed prices have risen over the years, Seeds N Such has committed to having all their seed packets be no more than $2.99 each. You can find different types of vegetable seeds, herb seeds, flower seeds, and fruit seeds.

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom
Website: Seeds N Such

Seed Catalog Link

HOSS tools

Hoss tools are known for garden supplies but also have many varieties of garden seeds. Their headquarters are in Norman Park, Georgia and they have been in business since 2009.

You can get plenty of garden tools, irrigation supplies, vegetable seeds, herbs, and flower seeds from them online.

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom

Website: HOSS Tools

lettuce germination

Seed the Stars

Owner Ryan and Kelli are very knowledgeable in gardening and overall have a lot of experience in permaculture.

All Central Florida gardeners will have a great selection of heat-tolerant annuals & tropical perennial plant seeds from Seed the Stars.

They are based in Central Florida and grow every crop themselves, saving seeds and selling them in their Etsy store.

Eden Brothers

In business since 2009, Eden Brother seed company was originally started in California but currently is located in Asheville, NC.

They offer vegetable seeds, herb seeds, flower seeds, flower bulbs, and wildflower mixes.

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom ✔Safe Seed Pledge

Website: Eden Brothers

Catalog Link

Clear Creek Seeds

Clear creek seeds is a family-owned business created in 2010 and is located in Hulbert, OK. They supply heirloom, NON-GMO, and open-pollinated garden seeds.

Not only can you buy vegetable, herb, and flower seeds from them but they also offer a great variety of packs of veggies seeds that can help you start growing on the right path.

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom ✔Safe Seed Pledge
Website: Clear Creek Seeds

The South GA Seed Company

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North GA, South GA Seed company operates off the grid and specializes in heirloom seeds.

They are known for selling non-GMO open-pollinated heirloom seeds in 2013 and have acquired over 25 rare varieties of heirlooms.

Currently, they sell vegetables, herbs, and flower seeds.

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom ✔Safe Seed Pledge
Website: The South GA Seed Company

tomatoes handing in a vegetable garden

Tomato growers Supply Company

For thirty-eight years Dan and Traice have run Tomato Growers Supply Company in Fort Myers, FL. Tomato growers Supply Company. They have many great reviews for their customer service and selection of seeds.

They sell various vegetable seeds, and herb seeds and you can buy tomato seeds in bulk.

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom
Website: Tomato Growers supply company
Online Catalog Link

Tasteful Garden

Cindy Martin founded the seed company in 1996 for twenty years until she lost her battle with cancer and now her dear friends Will and Laurie focus on Cindy’s vision of selling heirloom vegetables.

The Tasteful Garden seed company sells vegetable seeds, herb seeds, and garden supplies. You can also get great garden recipes on their site.

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom ✔Safe Seed Pledge
Website: Tasteful Garden

Crispy Farms

Located in Apopka, FL, Crispy Farms sells seeds and plants that are all grown organically and sustainably. They sell a small variety of native flower seeds, vegetables, and herb seeds.

These seeds are bred for the Southeastern climate so if you garden in that climate or specifically in Florida they are a great resource.

✔Non-GMO ✔ Heirloom
Website: Crispy Farms

seed starting station under indoor lights

Mary’s Heirloom Seeds

In 2011 Mary started her seed company in Texas and only sold heirloom seeds. After selling at farmers’ markets her company took off and sources her seeds from small-family farmers and seed growers within the US.

You can get vegetable seeds, fruit seeds, heirloom grains, flower seeds, garden kits, and supplies.

✔Non-GMO ✔ Heirloom ✔Safe Seed Pledge
Website: Mary’s Heirloom Seeds

Whitewam Organics

Located in Tampa, Florida, Whitewam Organics loves empowering others to garden. They not only sell seeds but bulk compost and garden soil in their local area.

They sell heat-loving crop seeds, live plants, and flower seeds and have classes, tours, workshops, lectures, and garden consultations.

✔Non-GMO ✔ Heirloom
Website: Whitewam Organics

Reimer Seeds

Located in Maine, Reimer seed company started twenty years ago. Today they sell over 5,000 vegetable, flower, and herb seeds.

They also sell vegetables that specifically do well in hydrophobic and greenhouse environments. What’s different about them is they also have a loyalty program where you can earn points and redeem them for discounts.

✔Non-GMO ✔ Heirloom ✔Safe Seed Pledge
Website: Reimer Seeds

Forever Young Farm

Forever Young Farm is a seed company that specializes in garlic strains that tolerate heat so southern growers like myself can allow growing garlic like gardeners from the North.

They are on land that has been cultivated for over 100 years and is currently located in Amado, Arizona. I bought some of their garlic this year and I can’t wait to grow it in my zone of 9a.

✔Non-GMO ✔Certified Naturally Grown ✔ Heirloom
Website: Forever Young Farm

Northeast Seed Companies


One of the oldest seed companies to be in business, Burpee was founded in 1876 by Washington Atlee Burpee who originally breaded poultry that turned into a seed company.

Fun Fact: the “Iceberg Lettuce” is created by Burpee in 1894

burpee seed packets in a round wicker basket

Fordhook Farms in Doylesrtoen Pennsylvania was the primary location for seed production until 1981. Today Burpee seeds are sold in all big box stores and on their online store.

Even though this is one of the biggest seed companies out there, their seeds are very dependable. I never have issues with Burpee seeds as they always have a great germination rate in my personal experience.

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom
Website: Burpee
Online Catalog Link

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

For over 50 years Johnny’s Selected Seeds company has sold superior quality seeds to many home gardeners and farmers. They are widely known and popular amongst all gardeners and market farmers because of their great quality products.

hand holding a bunch of garden seed packets from johnny selected seeds

I love this seed company as it’s one of my go-to companies to get seeds from. They have a great selection of gardening information on their site, as well as various vegetable seeds, flower seeds, herb seeds, and fruit trees.

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom ✔Safe Seed Pledge
Website: Johnny’s Selected Seed
Online Catalog Link

Fruition Seeds

Fruition seed company is based on 24 acres in western New York that prides itself on organic growers. They grow about 60% of their seeds and love to educate others about gardening as well as selling high-quality seeds.

They sell various vegetable seeds, fruit, herb, and flower seeds along with trees and garden tools.

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom ✔Safe Seed Pledge
Website: Fruition Seeds

Fedco Seeds

Since 1978 Fedco seeds have been in the seed business based in Maine. This seed company is a great resource for cold-hardy locations but they sell their seeds online in all 50 states.

About 30% of their seeds are certified organic and they not only sell vegetables, flowers, herbs seeds, trees, and bulbs.

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom ✔Safe Seed Pledge
Website: Feedco Seeds

Hudson Valley Seed Company

Ken Greene started Hudson Valley seed company in 2009 when in 2004 he started to sell seeds in a New York library he worked in. As the company continues to grow its worth with organic farms and on its farm called Four Fold farm.

They sell vegetable seeds, herb seeds, micro greens, bulbs, art, garden, tool, and have a gift shop.

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom ✔Safe Seed Pledge
Website: Hudson Valley Seed Company

yellow zinnia flowers

High Mowing Organic Seeds

This very impressive seed company was created in 1996 and focuses on selling only high-quality organic seeds.

Fun fact the Safe Seed Pledge was started by High Mowing Organic Seeds along with 9 other seed companies.

They also give back giving away over 10,000 seeds and thousands of organic produce to many organizations. They currently sell 100% organic vegetable seeds, herb seeds, cover crop seeds, and garden supplies.

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom ✔Safe Seed Pledge
Website: High Mowing Organic Seeds
Online Catalog Link

PineTree Garden Seeds

Founded in 1979 by Dick Meiner, PineTree sells over 1300 varieties of seeds and is the most diverse online shop that consists of crafts, gardening supplies, soap-making supplies and so much more.

They sell various types of vegetable seeds, herb seeds, flower seeds, live plants, spices, and teas.

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom ✔Safe Seed Pledge
Website: PineTree Garden Seeds
Online Catalog Link


ColorBlends headquarters in Connecticut and has been supplying tulip bulbs to the public for over 30 years. They are known for their specialized bulbs for all climates and do require a $60 minimum when you place an order.

Their website is very helpful in helping you to know a good time to buy bulbs depending on your location.

They sell wholesale flower bulbs.

✔Non-GMO ✔Organic ✔
Website: Colorblends

Seed Companies: Canada

West Coast Seeds

Over 35 years years ago West Coast Seeds are known for selling high-quality seeds as
a family-owned company.Founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, and pride themselves on growing food without the use of chemicals.

They offer over 1,000varieties of seeds and sell vegetable seeds, herb seeds, flower seeds, cover crops, fruit seeds, microgreen seeds, bulbs, hop rhizomes, and various garden supplies.

You will love all the garden information on their site!

✔Non-GMO ✔USDA Organic ✔ Heirloom ✔Safe Seed Pledge
Website: West Coast Seeds

FAQ- Seed Companies

What is the best brand of seeds to buy?

We believe the best brand of seeds to buy is the one that is in your region that specializes in your climate. If you can, buying organic seeds from seed companies like High mowing is also a top brand to buy from.

It’s all about your experience with seed companies that have given you consistent germination and created customer service. Some of our favorites are Southern Seed Exchange, Baker Creek Heirloom seeds, and Johnny’s seeds.

a handful of garden seeds in small plastic bags

What is the oldest heirloom seed?

The oldest heirloom seeds that have been found have been lentil and corn seeds from 1000 to 4,000 years ago. Archaeologists have seen corn seeds go back between 8,000 and maybe 10,000 years south of Central Mexico.

There was a 4,000-year-old seed found during an archaeological dig in the Aegean city of Kütahya was found and germinated in 3 months.

Another one of the oldest heirloom seeds is a 1500 Year Old Cave Bean found in a sealed clay pot in New Mexico. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds has this seed for purchase if want to take a peek at it.

open packet of garden seeds on top of soil

Are seeds from Dollar Tree good?

Seeds for dollars are good enough to plant as I have personally sower seeds that came from Dollar Tree. The germination rate of the dollar tree won’t be 100% but you will get at least a few that will come up for you.

One thing is for sure you can grow food or flowers from seed packets that are only one dollar.

After you read this article on the 37 amazing seed companies you should know be sure to share it with your friends, and suggest to others it as well.

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