The Best Seed Storage Containers and Organization Ideas


Here you will find 10 + creative seed storage containers and organization ideas. Grab a FREE seed inventory printable at the end of this post!

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Ordering seeds for next year’s garden?

I’m definitely ordering seeds and stocking up for next year. I also saved a lot of seeds this year, which adds to the collection too.

If you can relate, then I know what your thinking…

I need some seed storage containers and organization ideas!

Or you may just need the motivation to be an organized gardener… and that’s okay if you are not the most organized gardener because this post will help you out with that.

seed organization photo boxes and a hand holding up garden seeds from baker creek seed heirloom seed company

I must say I am an excellent organizer and really can’t function in life without storage and organization.

and yes… I am one of those organization freaks.

So of course it was very fitting of me to make a great list of seed storage ideas for you. There are so many ways you can store and organize your garden seeds so let’s get into it!

Seed Storage Containers & Organization Table of Contents 

seed organization photo boxes labeled and filled with garden seeds from baker creek seed heirloom seed company

First, before you decided on how you will store and organize your seeds, below are great tips to keep in mind.

How to Store Seed 

a hand holding up a lot of garden seeds on the palm

Should Seeds Go in the Fridge or Freezer?

It is not necessary for the average person to freeze seeds since they may freeze them improperly and damage seeds instead.

You can definitely try putting them in a fridge to increase their lifespan and give your seeds a cooler enlivenment to be stored in.

Leave freezing seeds up to the professional that carries out large-scale seed operations. Large seed banks are controlled by advanced technology that freezes seeds properly for preservation.

A well-known and popular one is in the Article Circle called the Doomsday Vault.

How to store seeds for long term?

The rule of thumb is the ideal seed storage conditions is to store seeds packets in these 3 key environments:




Control Moisture: Keep your seeds in airtight containers free from excess moisture to keep your flower seeds or vegetable seeds viable.  

Just be mindful that moisture damage to your seeds will decrease their quality.

So you may have to take additional steps to help with moisture control. 

Below are some ways you can do it…

  • Place in small paper envelopes letting out all excess air in the envelope
  • Completely dry seeds if you are seed saving
  • Control seed environment temperature & place in a cool place

Check the video by MIgardarder about ways to help with seed viability and keep your seeds stored fresh!

He has a lot of knowledge about organic gardening. Plus he also sells heirloom seeds too!

Seed Expiration Dates

Researching a seed’s expiration date can be tiring, but I found plenty of resources to put them together for you in the chart below.

    Overall, most resources will tell you that many seeds have a viability of at least 5-6 years.

    How to Categorize your Garden Seeds 

    Of course, the way you categorize your seeds is personal preferences but here are some examples:

    -Label by season (spring crops, summer crops, winter crops)

    -Sort by months or weeks of when you will plant your seeds

    -By type of plant (herbs, fruit, roots vegetables, etc)


    -Divide seeds by the source you received them (your own seeds, specific company)

    My own Seed Storage Container Method

    Seed Storage Photo box 

    I decided on a way that works best for me, and that’s photo storage boxes. I love this method because the storage cases keep me nice and organized. 

    As you see from my photo I need to find a big enough space to hold my seed collection!

    seed organization photo boxes filled up of garden seeds from baker creek seed heirloom seed company

    Above all, I encourage you to take a look for yourself and see if you like a seed organization idea that catches your eye.

    You never know, you might find one that you never heard of!

    Don’t forget to grab your FREE Seed Storage inventory printable at the end of this post!

    The Best Seed Storage Containers and Organization Ideas

    Below we have organized and linked creative seeds storage ideas, just click on each photo to know where to find it!

    Seed Packet divider Holder ideas

    Wood dividers

    wooden box holding garden seed packets
    seed storage and organization idea wooden box

    Buying a wood box or making one is a great way to help you file all your seeds away, especially if you keep them in paper envelopes.

    Plastic Dividers

    Plastic is another option and can work well If you have a cool place to store them.

    Tackle Box Divider 

    A big one or small individual tackle box can help you organize your seeds effectively.

    DIY seed Organizer ideas

    Cardboard organizer box

    Cardboard boxes can be cheaper than buying a wood box and can save you space if you have a lot of seeds. If you really want to save money, just use an old cardboard shoebox!

    Pill bottles

    Yes, you read right..pill bottles to help you organize your seeds!

    Another creative way to store and organize your seeds and can also be cost-effective if you recycle pill bottles.

    I guess we can’t knock it if we haven’t tried it, right!

    File Organizer/Cabinet/Drawer

    black file cabinet with paper cards in it

    File cabinets or drawers can take up some space in your home. If you do like this idea you can create an easy and organized seed file system.

    The Best Seed Storage Idea

    Photo case box

    3 photo organizer boxes opened with packets of garden seeds

    A photo case box is my favorite way to organize garden seeds!

    Here some reasons why I like this seed storage method.

    • Photo boxes come with handles making them mobile
    • The photo boxes are clear so you can see the seed packets
    • You can label each box very easily
    • The photo boxes are perfect in size to fit seed envelopes
    • They are holding a significant amount of seeds in only one case

    Seed Packet Storage ideas

    Photo album

    One of the most popular ways to organize seeds is placing seed packets into a photo album that has plastic sheets.

    This creates a photo album-style way to keep organized and can save you a lot of space if you have a great number of seeds.

    Clear Pocket Wall hanger 

    A clear pocket hanging organizer is a creative way to hold seed packets, but you will need a dedicated area for this type of system.

    Seed Saving Container ideas

    Mason jars ( or any glass jars)

    multiple glass jars with packets of seeds in each jar

    Mason glass jars or any type of glass jars can be a great way to create an airtight storage environment.

    Pillbox/Pill organizer

    You can use a pillbox with small separate compartments to store seeds especially if you have different varieties.

    To get organized you can cover the small boxes with labels. They are many different kinds of pillboxes so you have many to chose from.

    Tackle boxes

    a plastic tackle box filled with garden seeds and labeled

    Just like a pillbox, they are various kinds of tackle boxes you can buy.

    There are many types of plastic canisters or bead boxes you can choose from. To give you a visual I have linked some examples below.

    You can easily label plastic canisters and can keep yourself organized with this system. The good thing about this idea is that you can be very mobile with your seeds.

    Aluminum storage jars

    The design of aluminum jars can be perfect to hold small seeds. You can label the side of these jars so you can easily view the seeds from the canister, and they are easily portable.

    Small vials

    If you like the small vial look, you have options to buy plastic or glass small vials to help you store and organize seeds.

    You can label the vials by placing a sticker on the side or tie a tag around them.

    This can be a perfect size and a great option for gardeners who have small spaces for long-term storage. 

    Seed Storage empty Box ideas

     Metal or Tin 

    Using a recipe box or tin box can be a fun DIY way to store and organize your seeds. Even if you are not the most organized gardener, this can be a foolproof way to get all your needs in line.

    All you need is a good size tin and some dividers so you can sort your seeds however you like.

    Recipe box

    Those are a few creative and practical ways for seed storage and organization.

    Recap of seed storage and organization ideas.

    • Pillbox/pill organizer
    • Mason jars ( or any glass jars)
    • Wood box
    • Photo case box
    • File cabinet/ drawer
    • Tackle boxes
    • Wall clear pocket organizer
    • Pill bottles
    • Small plastic canisters/plastic Bead storage boxes
    • Aluminum storage jars
    • Small vials
    • Recipe box/ metal or tin box

    Free Seed Inventory Printable 

      Do you use one of these seed storage containers and organization ideas helped you? Let me know in the comments!


      10 and ways to store & storage organize seeds

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