20 Best Gardening Youtube Channels to Follow Now!


This post names our top 20 gardening Youtube channels that are worth following in 2021.

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Are you a visual learner? As a matter of fact, visually is probably the best way I can actually grasp learning something new.

a laptop on the YouTube website

If you are the same way then you will enjoy all these amazing and inspiring gardening Youtube channels. These days trying to find information about gardening is as easy as a push of a button.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my gardening books but I can’t help to visually see all things gardening! Personally, I watch all these Youtubers channels and have learned a lot from them.

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Table of Contents

All these channels are from all walks of life! The listed channels will help:

  • beginner gardeners
  • experienced gardeners
  • instructional videos
  • gardeners who are making more VLOG-style videos.
  • gardeners who have minimal space to others who have plenty

So take your pick at our 20 gardening Youtube channels you should follow in 2021!

20 Gardening Youtube Channels

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Instructional Gardening Youtube Channels

1. JoeGardenerTV

Joe is a gardener who does instructional videos to make a smarter gardener. He also has a blog and podcast as well. All beginners gardeners would love him because he is so easy to follow and gives simple to learn gardening tips.

Check out this video on his channel on how to properly drain your containers.

2. Our Stoney Acres

Rick is a gardener who has many videos about how to grow various veggies. Furthermore, his most popular videos are about what plants you should grow in any given month in each hardiness zone.

Below is a recent video on what to plant for Spring.

3. Learn to Grow

Misllia who hosts this channel is a mother from the PNW who is great at teaching others all about organic gardening. I like the facts she also brings some science when she teachers all things vegetable gardening. She is straight forward and I know all gardeners will get tons of content from her.

This video from Misilla is great for first time gardeners

4. Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens 

Urban homesteaders who garden will love John from Growing Your Greens. He has been educating all of us on aquaponic gardening, compost, how to start a garden, container gardening, and how to grow all types of fruits and vegetables some gardeners have never heard of. Fun facts he has been a YouTube since 2009!

This video about easy to grow fruit is a great example of Johns content.

5. Spring Hill Farms

For all the market gardeners out there, aquaponics gardeners, and all others who love fresh new gardening tips check out Spring hills farm content. Even though I don’t grow food on a big scale as they do, I learn cool tips from their videos.

Here is a video of transplanting in raise beds!

6. Lovely Greens

Tanya is an organic gardener and master soap maker in Europe who shows the beauty of gardening. She gives a lot of gardening craft ideas, how to grow your own food, and has a #1 new release book out called A Woman’s Garden Grow Beautiful Plants and Make Useful Things.

Grow carrots with Tanya in the video below!

7. Kelly Lehman

Need flower gardening tips, Kelly’s content is loaded with tons of tips, and great gardening gift ideas. Personally, I love her sunflower videos because I love growing them. If you enjoy the beauty of flowers, you will love her Youtube channel.

Peony gardéning tips are an example of one of her many videos.

8. Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden)

Gardeners who are located in 7a will get a lot of gardening tips from Gary. He has a lot of knowledge in his growing area and also is the author of the book The Modern Homestead garden.

How to grow in containers video from Gary is below.

9. The Urban Harvest – Homegrown Education

Elise Pickett is a gardener for Central Florida and has many videos on how to grow vegetables in a hotter climate. I am a little biased since I will be growing in Florida soon, but nevertheless, her content is great!

Check out Elise teaching how to prune tomatoes!

10. Next Level Gardening

Brain who developed Next level Gardening has been gardening for 30 years and is a University of California Certified Master Gardener. This YouTube channel is a great resource for master and beginner gardeners!

Below is a organic gardening basic guide from Brain.

11. Beginner’s Garden – Journey with Jill

Jill’s how-to videos are great for beginning gardeners and teaches basic information for all gardeners. Her experience from my 2500 square foot garden is a great resource for all gardening beginners!

A beginners guide video to grow blueberries from Jill is below!

12. Urban Farmstead

Kyle is an urban farmer in Sacramento California and is passionate about teaching how to grow the food you eat through instructional and educational gardening videos. As a busy gardener, with his first job being a firefighter, he makes it work and brings a lot of gardening tips to the table!

Turn your lawn into a food garden with his video below!

Vlog-style Gardening Youtube channels

13. Heart In Gardening And Home

Kate is funny, down-to-earth, relatable, and a great garden friend that will share all her tips and tricks in the garden. She has an amazing Instagram platform and has a VLOG-style approach to teaching and sharing all things vegetable gardening.

Take a peak at one of her garden tours below!

14. Roots and Refuge Farm

Jessica is also known as the tomato growing queen from Root and Refuge farm is a joy to watch. She has a huge following on Youtube, will inspire you to grow more food, and she just wrote her first book called The First-time Gardener: Growing Vegetables which is already a fan favorite.

Learn to grow the best tomatoes in one of Jessica’s videos below.

15. Gardenguy

Benjamin Meeks helps gardeners quickly learn about natural, sustainable, and practical ways of growing food. He also creates garden landscapes and provides many tutorials on how to do them yourself!

The video below shows home creating a edible landscape!

Most popular Gardening Youtube Channels

16. Gardener Scott 

Scott is a very experienced gardener who shows beginner gardeners and experience ones how to garden better. His explanations are clear, simple, and demonstrates the gardening process beautifully.

Look at a video of his below, and by the way he puts out new videos every Thursday and Saturday!

17. MIgardener

I’m sure you already know who is MIgardener! He not only sells heirloom seeds but also teach you all about 100% Organic Gardening, Self-Sustainability, and Healthy Recipes. I love watching all his videos and learn a ton along the way.

Watch him compare soil bags to use in your garden below.

18. Epic Gardening

Kevin from Epic gardening help 100,000,000+ people around the world with his Youtube videos writes books like Field Guide to Urban Gardening about all things vegetable gardening. Epic gardening is huge in the garden Youtube world and you might already know him!

Over 50 plants to plants for Spring below!

19. Charles Dowding

The no-dig method godfather Charles Dowding is very popular in the gardening world. He runs a market garden in the UK, and is an author of many popular books like No Dig Organic Home & Garden: Grow, Cook, Use, and Store Your Harvest. Charles teaches no the dig methods, compost, and how to grow amazing vegetables.

Compost, compost, compost, check out the need to know below from Charles.

20. Garden Answers

Laura is popular for her fun DIY and gardening tips that range from food and flowers. She has a following of her 5 million people across all her social media platforms.

What to learn how to build flower arrangements, check out the video below.

Overall, I hope you find a channel that fits your style of gardening or that you relate to the best. Besides, I love all of them and I am happy to share all these channels with you.

One day I’ll start my garden YouTube channel to share with you. But just one question for you, do you prefer VLOG-style or instructional-style videos? Let me know in the comments section.

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