Mason Jar Savings Tracker Printable for Homesteaders 


Get your finances in order with our FREE Mason Jar Savings Tracker Printable! Visualize your savings goals and watch your money grow. Download now! 

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Do you want to feel like your savings goals need to be within reach? Do you need help to stay motivated to save? 

Our Mason Jar Savings Tracker Printable is here to help! This visual tool will help you track your progress, stay on top of your finances, and reach your savings goals faster.

Managing finances effectively is crucial for achieving financial goals and building wealth. 

Table of Contents

One creative and visual way to track savings progress is by using a Mason jar savings tracker. 

This printable guide provides step-by-step instructions for creating your own Mason jar savings tracker, helping you stay motivated and organized on your financial journey.

How the Mason Jar Savings Tracker Works

Simply print out the tracker and place it near your savings jar

Mark off each dollar amount as you add it to your jar

Watch your savings grow as you fill-up the jar!

Benefits of Using a Visual Savings Tracker

  • Boosts motivation and accountability
  • Helps you stay focused on your savings goals
  • Encourages consistent saving

How to Use Mason Jar Printable Tracker 

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Step One: Print Mason Jar Savings Tracker Printable

  • Printable savings tracker template – Download a printable template or create your own using spreadsheet software.
  • Colored markers or pens – Select colors representing different savings categories or milestones.
  • Scissors and adhesive – To cut out and affix the tracker to your Mason jar(s).

Step Two: Customizing Mason Jar Tracker

  • Determine your savings goal, whether it’s for an emergency fund, vacation, home renovation, or any other purpose.
  • Set a specific target amount and deadline for achieving your goal.
  • Adjust the amounts to fit your savings goals
  • Customize the tracker with your savings goal, target amount, and deadline.
  • Divide the tracker into increments or milestones to mark your progress towards the goal.

Step Three: Start saving, Adjust & reevaluate 

  • Use colored markers or pens to fill in the sections of the tracker as you reach each savings milestone.
  • Get creative with colors and patterns to make your savings tracker visually appealing.
  • Regularly update your savings tracker to monitor your progress towards your goal.

Step Four: Celebrate

Debt free homestead tips
  • Celebrate each milestone reached and use it as motivation to continue saving
  • Add a photo or inspiring quote to keep you motivated
  • Make it a family activity and track your progress together!

Tips for using Mason Jar Savings Tracker Printable

  • Make saving a habit by setting up automatic transfers from your checking account to your Mason jar savings.
  • Consider using separate Mason jars for different savings goals to stay organized.
  • Place your Mason jar savings tracker in a visible location as a constant reminder of your financial goals.
  • Get creative with decorating your Mason jars to reflect your personality and style.
Mason Jar Savings Tracker Printable example

Click HERE to print your free Mason Jar Savings Tracker


Creating a Mason jar savings tracker is a fun and practical way to visualize your progress toward financial goals.

By following these step-by-step instructions and using the printable template provided, you can effectively track your savings journey and stay motivated to achieve your objectives. 

With dedication and discipline, you’ll be well on your way to financial success and stability.

Don’t let saving money feel overwhelming. 

With our FREE Mason Jar Savings Tracker Printable, you’ll be on your way to reaching your financial goals in no time. 

Download now and start watching your savings grow!

After you print your free Mason Jar Savings Tracker Printable check out my guide on Debt free homestead tips to Save Money on Homesteading. 

This printable and that debt free homesteading guide will set you up for success not just in homesteading but in your everyday life. 

Actively seeing your financial goal in progress visually keeps you motivated to make it to the end and enjoy your hard work. 

If you are like me, I am a very visual person and this printable is perfect to keep anyone on track. 

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