Meet the founder of The Homestead Nurse, Becky. She is a registered nurse and modern homesteader.

Becky shares her real-life experiences to help you find the tools you need to garden, cook from scratch, and be more self-sufficient.

Whether you are just learning to start canning, gardening, or cooking (She is right there with you!)-this is a place to find encouragement, and find the beauty of a nature-inspired life & working towards self-sufficiency.

About Becky

Becky is originally from Miami, Fl, and lived the city life for a while. She lived a fast-paced life working for the military and as a civilian nurse. 

Like many others, the rat race caught up to her mentally and physically.

She knew something had to change.

She began to live a healthier life by growing her own food and living more intentionally.

To read more about how she uses food as medicine click Here. 

the homestead nurse

Her goal is to inspire and teach others about nature-inspired living and working towards self-sufficiency.

becky the homestead nurse

Aside from her blog you can learn more about creating a more nature-based & self-sufficient lifestyle by following her on Instagram as well as subscribing & following her journey on YouTube.

When you’re a nurse, you are an advocate, caregiver, and teacher. Naturally, Becky wants to teach others about her passion for natural living.


– Becky got an art degree before a nursing degree.

-Before settling down, she moved about 10 times because of the military.

-She is half Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian

-Before Becky joined the military & became a nurse she used to be a manager at blockbuster (remember that place!)

I hope we gained a new friend, thanks for stopping by!

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