How to Make Easy Glitter DIY Christmas Ornaments


Here you will learn how to make easy glitter DIY Christmas ornaments.

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This holiday season get creative and try to make your own DIY glitter Christmas ornaments. 

No Grinch ornaments here!

These DIY glitter ornaments are rustic and natural Christmas ornaments that young kids could do. 

Using pinecones makes beautiful ornaments that give a pretty natural look, and is way better the plastic ornaments. 

You can make these DIY ornaments with just a quick few steps and can have your own glitter ornaments.

Table of Contents: Glitter diy christmas ornaments

I create these easy glitter ornaments every Christmas season with my children and it’s a fun way to get creative and make homemade ornaments.

There is a love hate relationship when you let kids pour glitter on the outside of the ornaments as it can get messy but spending time with my kids is the best part of the holiday season.

These easy projects have a different look than a lot of ornaments that are other glitter DIY Christmas ornaments and will not need: mod podge, transfer tape, an empty egg carton, glitter stick, Elmer’s glue, vinyl decals, or clear blank ornament balls.

Here are two easy DIY Christmas ornaments to try this season. I have also linked some of the supplies I used to help if you don’t have any on hand already.

#1 Glitter diy christmas ornaments Materials

Pinecone Ornament #1 Instructions 

1.)  Paint the pinecone with acrylic paint in the desired color, pause in between the painting, and sprinkle glitter over the part you just painted. (it’s important to sprinkle while the paint is wet since it will act as glue for the glitter). 


Using a paint palette is very helpful when painting anything, it is just good to have one if you use paint for many crafts.

2.) Let the painted pinecones dry for about 2 to 3 minutes or until the paint is no longer wet. 

3.) Use a hot glue gun to attach small circle Styrofoam balls on some of the petals of the pinecone.

Get creative and use different colors and patterns! 


  • You don’t have to place a ball in each petal, just skip around to every other petal. 
  • It is a great idea to use paper towels, a large piece of paper, parchment paper, or a paper plate under your ornament to make clean-up easier.

4.) Hot glue a mini star ornament that already has a loop (place twine through it).

5.) Tie a knot in the twine to create the ornament’s hook. 


Try to place the star where it can be supported with sticks around it. Again, let your creative juices flow and place different kinds of mini tree toppers like using a ribbon or a snowflake instead.

Diy natural ornaments #2 : Materials needed

  • Christmas ribbon (optional)
  • Clear bags (optional)
  • Wooden Beads ( optional)
  • Twine
  • Burlap Ribbon  

Pinecone Ornament #2 Instructions 

1.) Only paint the tips of the pinecone and then sprinkle glitter on the entire ornament and in between the painting.

2.) Use hot-glue to place small styrofoam balls at the bottom of the pinecone

3.) Cut a piece of burlap (5-6 in length) and pinch it together to make a ribbon-like shape. Use twine to tie it in place.

4.) Hot glue in place whichever decor you would like on both sides of the burlap bow. I placed tree branches, ribbons, and styrofoam Christmas decor.

5.) Wrap a mini bell ( I threaded twine through the mini bell ) around the burlap bow placing it in the middle and tying a knot in the back.

6.) Cut twine, (about 6-7 inches in length) that will be the hook. This string will be tucked underneath the mini bell you tied around the bow.

7.) Thread beads through the twine, tie a knot to hold beads in place then tie another knot for the hook part.

8.) Hot glue the ribbon piece you created to the top of the ornament (the small styrofoam balls you glued on in step 2).

9.) Let it dry, and you have yourself a beautiful natural ornament!

Relax, hear jingle bells, and make these fun DIY Christmas ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas!

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glitter diy christmas ornaments

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