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Our deep cleaning checklist will help you get organized this Spring while you get ready to deep clean your home. Enjoy a FREE deep cleaning checklist printable at the end of this post!

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Spring is the perfect time to create a fresh new start by deep cleaning your home after a long winter. This complete spring cleaning checklist guide will take you through each room in your home that will leave your house shining from the inside out naturally.

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What is included in a deep clean checklist?

Well, instead of tidying up and just picking up a mess, deep cleaning takes it a bit further. Scrubbing and getting down to the nitty-gritty of your home is included in deep cleaning.

Cleaning behind things, under places you don’t usually see on a daily basis, and organizing and purging your home is all also part of a deep cleaning checklist. 

How long should a deep house cleaning take?

That varies, every home size is different and everyone has various amounts of furniture, rooms, and overall stuff. One thing is for sure, deep cleaning is longer than regular cleaning. It can take up to 2-3 hours to deep clean one room efficiently. 

How often should you deep clean with a deep cleaning checklist?

Having a structured plan will keep you on task. A deep cleaning checklist should guide you on where you will start first and end later. I believe you should deep clean at least once every month just to keep up.

But if you are just too busy, at least deep clean your entire home every 3-4 months, but you might be asking for more work if you wait that long. 

Why clean with natural products?

Trying to avoid toxins is important for you and your family’s overall health. We don’t want you to have any toxic burden so here we will give you great natural cleaning product options.

There are many options for natural household products that you can buy and make. Natural products are some of the best non toxic cleaning products you can get in today’s market!

cleaning vinegar bottle with mint inside a kitchen counter

What supplies do I need for deep cleaning naturally?

  1. Use homemade DIY cleaning products: Ingredient list of popular DIY products are baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar, salt, essential oils, hydrogen peroxide, and castile soap.

TIP: Infusing flowers and herbs in vinegar will give you great smelling cleaning vinegar with additional cleaning power. Some examples are Mint, Rosemerry, Lavender, and orange peels.

Get 10 homemade cleaning recipes HERE 

  1. Buy plant-based cleaners that are highly rated by for being safe and natural products. Below I give examples of a few cleaning products that got an ‘A’ rating for having none or less hazardous material for people and the environment.

Top natural cleaning products

Multi-purpose cleaner

Aunt Fannie’s Cleaning Vinegar is seen to have few/no known suspected hazards to health or to the environment according to

Disinfectant Spray

Seventh Generation Disinfectant Spray comes with many scents,  Eucalyptus, Spearmint & Thyme is another great one!

Window Cleaner

Aunt Fannie’s Glass & Window Cleaning is another Aunt Fannie product on the top of’s list.

Mold and Mildew Remover

Siamons International 025/326 Concrobium Mold Control Trigger Spray is one of the only two mold and mildew products that have an ‘A’ rating from

  1. Usable microfiber clothes or cotton cloths– Using old cotton shirts can also be used.
  2. Cleaning caddy
  3. Mop & bucket
  4. Rubber cleaning gloves
  5. Trash bags
  6. Broom & dustpan
  7. Duster or Swiffer
  8. Vacuum with attachments
  9. Scrub brushes
  10. Steam mop
  11. Empty Spray bottles

What are the steps to deep cleaning a house?

Start by deep cleaning from a starting point of your home to another point and work from top to bottom. Cleaning room to room and using a checklist will help you remember to complete a deep cleaning. 

Natural Deep cleaning house tips

Get to know the fabric in your home & the material you’re cleaning. Find the codes and rules of fabric in question so you don’t ruin your furniture.

Research products that claim to be natural cleaning products for the home at  

Steam clean if you are using all-natural and chemical-free cleaning solutions that work with hot water vapor.

Clean faster with helpers and get the family involved.

Use reusable had cloths/rags that are 100% cotton, microfiber clothes old shirts, towels, and washcloths.

Create a new cleaning habit: An example of one is to take an item up/downstairs in your home or remember to pick an item if you are heading to an area it belongs in. 

Deep cleaning checklist Printable 

Download your FREE Deep Cleaning Checklist Printable HERE. Below is a rundown of everything on our deep cleaning checklist.

deep cleaning checklist

Dining room

-Sweep/mop/steam clean floors

-Scrubs down and wipe down dining table

-Wipe down wall decor 

-Wipe down light fixtures


– kitchen disposal-clean it out fully

-View range hood and clean/wipe down

-Wipe inside & outside of microwave

-Organize all cabinets

-Disinfect cutting boards

-Wipe down all kitchen cabinets inside and out

-Clean out behind & on top of refrigerator

-Scrub clean inside & outside of oven

-Wipe clean inside and outside fridge

-Wipe down/clean out & purge kitchen appliances

-Scrub and disinfect & drain out sink

-Wipe down all countertops & backsplash

-Wash our garbage can

-Organize pantry and toss out expired items

Living room

-Vacuum inside couches

-Wash pillow cases, throw blankets, drapes 

-Wipe down/vacuum/steam clean outside of couch

-Wash rugs or carpet

-Sweep/or mop hard floor

-Wipe down all electronics, remotes

-Clean and duts all furniture 

Laundry room

-Clean inside and outside washer & dryer

-Remove lint box and clean out entirely 

-Sweep/mop/or Vacuum laundry floors 

-Sweep/mop/or vacuum behind of washer and dryer

-Organize inside cupboards and supplies

-Wipe down shelves and all decor  


-Wash all bedding, curtains, pillows

-Clean/vacuum/flip over mattress

-Wipe down all furniture 

-Wipe down all light fixtures & decor

-Clean/organize/purge under bed & closets 

-Organize each dresser drawer & under sink

-Clean out sink and shower drains


-Scrub all countertops, sink & faucet

-Take out & wash out trash can

-Scrubs shower/bathtub, shower walls, and fixures 

-Wash shower curtain

-Wipe down mirror

-Wash rugs 

-Sweep/mop floors

-Organize & wipe down cabinets inside and out

-Scrub toilet inside and out 

-Clean walls and baseboards


-Organize and declutter all paperwork & desk items

-Dust and wipe down all electronics 

-Dust and wipes down all furniture 

-Organize all drawers 

-Clean and dust books and all decor items

-Clean electronic with pressurized air

-Wipe down all windows, blinds, curtains

Throughout the house/Entry 

-Ventilate all rooms: leave windows open

-Deep clean doors

-Light fixtures & ceiling fans

-Seep/mop/polish Floor

-Wash all windows, window frames

-Wash all walls & Baseboards

-Replace air filters

-Change batteries in smoke alarm/C02 detectors

-wipe down all pictures frames and decor

-Change out burned out light bulbs 

-Clean out and organize all closets


-Go through and clean out gutters

-You can also power wash or wipe down porch, doors

-power wash outdoor furniture

-Pressure wash porch or furniture

-Clean up backyard

-pull out unwanted plants/weeds

-Mow the lawn and trip edges

-Purge and organize backyard toys/entertainment 

-Filter out all tools and appliances, seasonal bins

-Follow the same organization and cleaning for sports equipment and kids toys

-Detail cars

-Pressure wash floors

-Take out all trash and clean out trash bins

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