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This post will show you the best seven easy homeopathic immune system boost!

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Our immune system is the only sense of defense against foreign bacteria and viruses. 

Homeopathic immune system boost: Table of Contents

Overall, the only real way to strengthen your immune system is to do what you can control. You are more in control of your immune system than you think you are!

These seven easy ways will show you how much control you really have. 

How does your immune system work for you?

The immune system is a very complex system, and it can be confusing to understand. According to John Hopkins Medicine, your immune system is broken up into two sections called the innate immune system and the adaptive immune system.

Innate immune system– Develops naturally at birth and starts defending your body quickly when it is confronted with bacteria/viruses. 

An adaptive immune system is built over time through vaccinations and exposures to diseases/illness. This system starts to do work for you when your innate system is unable to. 

Additionally, there are also many organs (Spleen, thymus, bone marrow, etc.) in the body that work together to help your immune system fight off viruses, bacteria, and other invaders.

What are the signs of a weak immune system?

Since the immune system keeps the body healthy, when your immune system is weak you can develop illness easier.

According to Skinkraft.com,” Researchers have reported that almost 3% of people in America have weak immune systems and suffer from multiple health issues.” 

In order to realize you’re immune is suffering, you will ultimately feel any of these warning signs:

  • Frequent common cold (more than 4-5 times a year) or infections 
  • Unable to heal in a timely matter when injured
  • Having gut issues by experiencing constipation, diarrhea, or stomachaches  
  • Feeling tired even with restful sleep
  • Suffering from consistent stress 

Below is a great short video about how your immune system works.

Immune system boosters

1.) Eat the Rainbow & feed the gut

  • Yes, eating colorful food is one of the most important ways to strengthen your immune system. Having a well-balanced and healthy diet is a vital role in healing your body from disease, illness, or injury.
  • If you are looking at all the colors of the rainbow on your plate, then you are on the right track to strengthen your immune system.

Check on this quick video on Immune-boosting Food recommended by Neal Barnard, MD who is the President of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and does many YouTube videos about nutrition.

The normal stressors of life are not considered bad stress, examples include trying to meet a deadline for work, waiting to take a big exam, etc. 

Long-term stress or chronic stress created from mental health issues or a dramatic event can affect how your immune system functions.

To avoid stress from weakening your immune system I have linked some great resources below.

Some ways to relieve  stress:

Defuse Essential oils.

Set up a stress-free environment by using a great Organic Essential oils kit like this one.

Garden or Start growing plants or food.

Even if it’s a small garden or planting using pots, just start growing. With winter coming, this great mini gardening kit will get you started in no time.


Using a meditation pillow like this one is a great way to start meditating.

In addition, the Integrative Health Institute has free Live streams that give free meditation sessions. You can sign up to join their live stream and see their schedule HERE.

Laugh & smile often

a photo of a woman's mouth smiling

You may think this is a no-brainer, but life can get so busy you probably might not remember the last time you had a good laugh.

Smiling more and enjoying the present moment is a great way to relieve some stress you might be holding inside.

3.) Immune system boosters: Hydrate the Body often 

Remember, your body is made up of mostly water!

The Integrative Health Institute recommends individuals drink (in oz) water that is at least half their body weight.

(ex. If you weigh 130 lbs., it would be 65 oz of water)

They also consider herbal teas, coconut water (only 1-2 times daily), and low-sugar electrolyte water as other good ways to help you hydrate. 

Additionally, eating foods that have a higher water content is another great way to get water and ultimately strengthen your immune system 

Buying a water bottle that has motivational drinking goals on it is a great way to make sure you’re getting enough water throughout your day!

LIFE WTR is electrolyte water that has zero sugar and is an effective way to stay hydrated too!

Real COCO Organic is one of the top brands that make pure coconut water that contains no added sugar.

4.)Exercise to strengthen your Immune System

According to MedlinePlus, exercise can help you get rid of bad bacteria in your lungs and keep your antibodies and white blood cells (cells that fight infections) circulating more effectively in the body to help prevent infections.

Try to complete the moderate exercise as much as you can, your immune system will appreciate it!

This exercise and fitness workout Ball is a start to getting your body moving!

HERE is an easy exercise resource: In 3 minutes you can get the top 10 exercises with a gym ball!

5.) Minimize the consumption of alcohol 

Obviously, drinking alcohol is bad for your overall health.

Studies done by the Alcohol Research Current Review show alcohol consumption directly weakens and disrupts our immunity defenses. 

 You don’t have to be drinking alcohol every day for it to have negative effects on your immune system.

A one-time drinking binge can also be damaging and interfere with your innate and adaptive immune system.  

6.) Stop Smoking & vaping

Evidence proves that smoking hurts the body in various ways.

According to the CDC, by smoking your immune system can turn on you and attack your body (which can cause an autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis).

If you want to strengthen your immune system and avoid creating an autoimmune disease for yourself, don’t start smoking or try to stop. 

7.) Lastly, Get plenty of Sleep!

To help you get a full night’s rest, this extremely comfy blackout sleeping mask will help you get a good night’s rest.

Homeopathic Immune System Boost Recap

  1. Eat the Rainbow & feed the gut
  2. Hydrate the Body often
  3. Keep your body moving outdoors & indoors
  4. Move that body & exercise!
  5. Minimize your alcohol drinking 
  6. Stop Smoking & vaping
  7. Get plenty of Sleep!

Health Disclaimer:   The information in this post on homeopathic immune system boost is only for education & entertainment purposes only. Even though I am a registered nurse, I do not claim to be your personal nurse. Always consult your physician or nutritionist for advice first before you start any new products, treatments, or specific food. 

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