Simple 25 Clean living Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle


Want to make healthier changes in your life, here we are sharing the top 25 lifestyle tips to clean living

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It’s not a surprise that many people are trying to live a cleaner lifestyle.

You hear it all over social media, in books, podcasts, and other social media outlets that there are so many hidden toxins that are not good for health and wellness. 

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Some so many people can give you advice about clean living, but I believe the source of where you get your information is as important.

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Our tips are beneficial and will help you accomplish a clean living lifestyle, as they are backed by science and proven to work.

I think it’s important for health professionals, like myself to empower you to put your well-being first.

 So why should you follow our top 25 lifestyle tips for clean living let’s discuss it?

Why use these lifestyle tips?

As a registered nurse I have helped treat infections and diseases for years. I would say I have a little more insight into the right tips for a clean living lifestyle.

 Especially going through my health journey and seeing how the world can easily damage the body, I want to share tips that work for me as well as so many others. 

Lastly, our clean living lifestyle tips stem from evidence-based and scientific research.

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Top 25 Lifestyle Tips to Clean living 

To have a clean living lifestyle, there are many things that you have to do to decrease your chances of getting all types of illnesses and diseases.

We have broken down lifestyle tips into five important topics.

  • Food
  • Water
  • Home
  • Body
  • Mental health

We need all these aspects in life to thrive as human beings, so we’re gonna give you 25 tips under these important life topics to steer you into a clean living lifestyle

Clean Living Food Tips

Grow a vegetable and herb garden 

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Growing food is one of the number one ways to start having a clean living lifestyle. There is nothing like homegrown vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

When you grow your food, you know how it was taken care of, and that it didn’t have to travel a long way to get to your plate.

Read How to start a garden from scratch to get started.

Buy local food 

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Consuming local food will help you avoid all the additives, preservatives, and harmful chemicals in processed food in any local grocery store. 

Buying local food also supports your local farmers and local markets that in turn will help local businesses thrive in their communities

Check labels & ingredients 

product labels

Check labels and ingredients on the back of everything you buy to avoid preservatives and additives that can lead to many serious diseases like heart disease and diabetes. 

Our posts on how to stock a healthy pantry give you tons of tips and ingredients to avoid when shopping at your local grocery store.

Eat Whole Foods

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Clean eating starts by consuming more whole foods that consist of a lot of fruits and vegetables. 

Eating meat that is humanely raised in organic environments and eating more plant-based meals can help you clean up the way you eat. 

You should also find healthy food alternatives like trying, non-dairy products, or grain-free food products. The saying “you are what you eat,” it’s not just a saying it’s the truth!

Learn to cook from scratch

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Another healthy way to help you make better choices with food is to make things yourself. It’s better to cook from scratch and in some cases, it’s cheaper.

Cooking from scratch is not processed food, it’s free from harmful additives, and chemicals, and you are getting self-sustainable skills at the same time.

Learning to cook from scratch will take some time, but the journey is fun and you can get creative along the way.

Below are some easy recipes you can make from scratch yourself!

Garlic Paste

Gluten Free Breadcrumbs

Berry Jam Without Pectin

Buy in bulk & Preserve 

If you buy food in bulk it can help you save money and time. It’ll prevent you from making bad choices since you won’t always have to be faced with all the tempting toxic food in the grocery store.

Buying in bulk and preserving makes food more accessible and decreases the chances of you buying unhealthy food week after week.

Clean Living Water Tips

Find the best water sources

hand in spring water

A quick tip: Try to drink water in a glass, not plastic to prevent “forever chemicals” leaking into your water.

You need water to sustain life and to sustain a clean living lifestyle you need the best water possible. The best water is spring water and filtered water you can usually get online or in big box stores.

A reverse osmosis system is the best way to filter water and it will save you money in the long run as well as protect your health. This water filter system uses pressure to move water to a semi-permeable membrane that ultimately filters your water and eliminates contaminants. shares the benefits of reverse osmosis water.

Highly Reviewed Osmosis water system:

Best countertop water systems:

AquaTru Water filter 

Choose water over sugar drinks

Sugar drinks are filled with unnecessary calories, have no nutritional value, and can increase your chances of diseases like diabetes.

Choosing water over any type of drink is the easiest way to stay healthy and hydrated.

When buying any type of drink make sure you look at the ingredient list and stay away from any long words you can’t pronounce, and additives like natural flavors (which is an unregulated term and as far from natural).

Carry a water bottle with you at all times

women drinking water

Carrying a sustainable water bottle in your day-to-day is the best thing you can do! It will help you consume more water throughout the day and in the long run, will make your skin and body look better than ever.

Crate water routines & Habits

Drinking a glass of water before bed and in the morning is a great way to remember to drink water. 

Letting fruit filter in your water can help it taste better if water isn’t your biggest fan. 

Eating fruits and vegetables high in water content like watermelon and cucumbers is another great way to get water.

Clean Living Body Tips

Buy natural body products with quality ingredients

There are a lot of products made in the US that are illegal and that other countries have banned. 

There are so many toxins that are directly on your skin when you apply non-natural, or non-organic body products.

According to in the U.S.,” more than 1,400 chemicals or contaminants in cosmetics and personal care products, including chemicals linked to cancer, reproductive harm, and neurological harm.”

Just like you should do with food, check the ingredients on all the body products you buy. You can find 16 of those toxic chemicals to avoid by clicking HERE.

Learn how to make clean beauty products

Creating your body products is a huge step to cleaning up your beauty products. By making your body products you will be able to avoid chemicals and provide yourself with natural body care.

It is quite easy to make your body products, even though it might sound intimidating. 

Below are two body care products you can make at home.

Avoid fragrances

Avoiding fragrance is a small step you can take to help you clean up your skincare routine. 

It has been researched that fragrances in skin care products can leave your skin irritated, and inflamed, and can be harmful to your overall health.

According to well and, “Fragrance is the problem child ingredient of traditional beauty products.”

Take high-quality supplements 

Just as food, water, and body products find quality vitamins and multivitamins. is an amazing website that is independent and tests supplements letting you know if they have any harmful containments or ingredients. The website grades all supplements in a system that gives A- F and lets you know which vitamins are the best quality ones.

Clean Living Home Tips

Use non-toxic cookware

Buying cookware that doesn’t leak harmful chemicals into your food is essential. My go-to cookware is made from stainless steel and my cast iron skillet. 

To keep track of what are toxic materials to avoid, check out’s guide on what toxic cookware you should avoid.

Invest in an air purifier

Purifying your air with an air purifier will eliminate toxins, allergens, and pollutants from any space in your home. 

An air purifier will reduce the number of harmful chemicals, mold, pet dander, and pesticides that you may be breathing in.

According to, “Improving indoor air quality greatly impacts our quality of life as more than 90% of modern life is spent indoors.”

 It can reduce the spread of illness in your home leaving you with a cleaner environment to live in. 

Make your cleaning products

a hand wiping down a tv

Making your cleaning products is a natural way to clean your home and disinfected it.

There are many house cleaner recipes out there for you to choose from, and the most popular ones have made ingredients like vinegar, oranges, castile soap, and essential oils.

Take a closer look at cleaning products by reading our ultimate natural cleaning guide

Buy “green” or “natural” house cleaners 

If you can buy cleaning products, like laundry detergent and house cleaners labeled green or natural.

Be sure to look at the ingredient list to make sure what you are buying is natural or green products. is a reliable source to look up actual green and now you’re cleaning products you can trust.

Use more sustainable materials

Using more sustainable materials in your home is a great way to start living a clean lifestyle and sustainable life. 

For example, buying organic cotton towels, and pillows, changing your mattress and using non-toxic material, switching from plastic to glass, etc.

Start recycling

Creating a clean living lifestyle also means decreasing the amount of waste that you create in your home. 

As humans, we naturally give a lot of waste out into the world so recycling is a great way to help the planet, and help yourself be less wasteful.

Clean Living Mental Health Tips

Stay active

a girl running on raoad

Your mental health is as important as your physical health, so staying, active, exercising, doing yoga, or just moving your body more will help you not only physically, but mentally too.

Physical activity stimulates good chemicals in your brain that improve your mood and can reduce your risk of illness.

According to, researchers concluded that three to five 45-minute exercise sessions a week delivered optimal mental health benefits.”


a girl doing yoga

Meditation is underestimated as it is a powerful tool to help develop a healthy mindset.

It can help reduce stress, balance mood, decrease negativity, and increase creativity. 

According to, “A review of several studies suggests meditation may also reduce depression by decreasing levels of these inflammatory chemicals.”

Focus on positive visual, and audio content 

We are in a world that is surrounded by social media influences and so much is being said that can help you or hurt you. So only following exclusive content that will only positively serve you is essential to your mental health.

From TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube, or a clean living podcast make sure that you are consuming things that are inspiring you, and never compare yourself to others you see on the internet. 

Surround yourself with nature


Surrounding yourself with nature is a beautiful way to remove all the noise of the world and provide you with peace of mind. 

Taking a walk at your local park, visiting your home garden, or simply just walking outside and stepping on the grass with your bare feet are all ways you can be closer to nature. 

According to, “experimental findings show how impressive nature’s healing powers can be—just a few moments of green can perk up a tired brain.”

Stop consuming alcohol

When you stop drinking alcohol altogether, it’s a game changer when you want to live a healthy and clean lifestyle.

The truth is alcohol is poison to the body, it’s toxic, has no nutritional value, and alters your mental status. 

If you truly want to live a clean living lifestyle cutting out what does not serve you healthwise is a must. 

Clean living must-have Products:

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Clean Eating for Beginners

Clean living Benefits

  • Decreases your risk of illness and disease
  • Improves mood and mental health
  • It can improve your sleep cycle
  • Your energy levels will increase
  • Clean living can help you save money
  • You will begin to emphasize the importance of self-care
  • It will help you build a stronger support system of like-minded people.
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Clean Living FAQ

How do I start living a clean life?

Start living a clean life by making small changes daily. One of the easiest things you can do is start implementing healthier eating habits and using natural products for your home and body.

What does clean living mean?

Clean living means maintaining healthy and simple habits that affect your daily life. It means embracing a sustainable, eco-friendly environment and focusing more on natural resources.

 It’s a way of life that helps you find peace in living a life free of harmful chemicals and toxins.

What is the healthiest way to live life?

The healthiest way to live life is to live more naturally and less processed in all the things you do and consume.

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What are 5 healthy lifestyle choices?

Five healthy life choices you can start now are to:

  • Start meditating
  • Use natural body products
  • Drink more water
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Stop drinking alcohol.

What are 10 ways to stay healthy?

Ten ways to stay healthy:

  • Move your body more
  • Start eating whole foods
  • Buy local food
  • Start learning how to read ingredients and labels
  • Use non-toxic body products
  • Buy natural home products
  • Spend time in nature
  • Grow a garden
  • Start cooking from scratch
  • Get at least eight hours of sleep a day.

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