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Need printable boho art to spruce up a space for free? Well here are 10 set of free printable boho wall art for you. 

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This is the best resource of free wall art printables that when printed can be a perfect way to create a comfortable space. 

The original artwork in these boho prints was made to give free spirit vibes and calmness to any space. 

boho wall art mock up

Any room will benefit from gorgeous modern art printables that bring relaxation to home decor.

I have been inspired to make these modern wall art printable art pieces as I am currently decorating my home in a boho farmhouse style. 

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In my opinion, modern boho art prints from printables like these help create a bohemian style come to life and bring make a space feel comfortable. 

I hope you enjoy all these printable boho wall art prints I created to help your gallery walls and trendy living room decor. 

I’ve created 10 different free digital prints that are printable boho art pieces that can only be used ONLY for personal use. 

boho wall art mock up

Digital art has various elements like abstract designs, warm colors, and a variety of boho styles.

The best part of these prints is there is something for everyone and of course, they are free printables!

So go ahead and pick and choose which boho printable you want to update your gallery wall, add a frame to, or just have in your home or workspace.

Why you should Refresh your Room Decor with printable boho art?

  • It is easier to refresh a room with printable art than do a full remodel
  • Boho art is a fun way to give some flare to a living space
  • Printable boho art is inspiring to the mind.
  • They can make a home look cozy, comfortable, and calming.
  • The classic look is timeless and will go with a lot of styles. 
  • Instant downloads are an inexpensive change to any space
boho wall art mock up

How to get your free printable boho art?

So how do you even get these free printable boho art anyway?

Well, below I have outlined a few simple steps to snag this free download.

Getting these downloads is easy, quick, and of course the best part, free!

  • You do not need to give your email, pay them, or give any type of personal information.
  • The first thing you need to do is scroll through the printable boho art that catches your eye and pick which one(s) you like best.
  • If you like you can read the small deception of the boho art to give you an idea of how it will work with your space.
  • You do not have to read the deception,  but you do need to click the download link that is highlighted above the description. 
  • The link will take you to another page that is a PDF page, you can print of safe the printable from there.

Minimalist Abstract

boho wall art

Click Here to Download

Abstract style and neutral colors make this design simple and go with different shades of browns in a space.

The geometric abstract design flows nicely together and will work for a simple space or minimalist room.

If you want minimalist printable wall art that has neutral colors, curved lines, and shapes this one is for you. 

Boho dessert 

boho wall art

Click Here to Download

This design has a cactus and colors that mimic a sunrise or sunset in the desert. Add this unique boho look to a space that has a Western, desert, or boho theme.

I think it would be great in all types of spaces that need a pop of color.

Rainbow and stars

boho wall art

Click Here to Download

Rainbows and stars and popular design elements right now and this boho-style rainbow looks amazing. My suggestion is to hang this in a baby’s nursery and child’s room.

This image would also work well in an office that is full of creativity and inspiration on its walls.

Monstera leafs 

boho wall art

Click Here to Download

I love Monstera plants because they work perfectly in boho spaces. So using monstera leaves was a must in this design and you will love this in your boho space.

The four-toned color design can match other decors in a room. 

Botanical leafs

boho wall art

Click Here to Download

This design has unique botanical leaves with circle shapes. This design will work well in a neutral color palette space that has great textures like wood, leather, and brown accents. Hang this botanical print in any space that needs calm vibes.

Tree and landscape 

boho wall art

Click Here to Download

The color palette is neutral and features a simple tree design losing its leaves. If you love mountains and the outdoors you will love hanging this to give calm vibes. 

Rainbow lines

boho wall art

Click Here to Download

This art piece will bring bright colors to your space at your home or office. This rainbow art print has abstract shapes, and vibrant colors are subtle designs that will give happy vibes to any room. This piece can fit into a space easily and match with other wall art.

Double Rainbow Art

boho wall art

Click Here to Download

You can place this fun colorful bohemian style art piece in any room especially a kid’s room or playroom.

Give a living space some flair and fun vibes.  The double rainbow boho style helps inspire dreamers and bring them to reality. 

Abstract Shapes

boho wall art

Click Here to Download

Circular shapes and warm colors make up this simple but stylish design. I love the calming colors and eye-catching shapes in this art piece.

You can place this in any boho space and it works well together with other simple design elements.

Moon and Stars

boho wall art

Click Here to Download

I love the calming and nighttime feel of this design. I also like the moon and star elements and the unique look. This design will be great to hang in a bedroom or a child’s room. 

Once you have picked and downloaded your favorite printable boho art you are probably wondering how to hang it.

To use your free art the right way, check out our tips below.

Tips on how to hang your printable boho art

  • Find the best place to hang your printable first so you can see how much space you have. 
  • Measure out the area & invest in high quality frames that are the right size for your space.
  • You can also use the digital download to make canvas prints.
  • Printing on cardstock or photo paper can also enhance your images.
  • Laser printers work best when printing this pdf format.
  • Feel free to mix up the types of frames when it comes to style, shape, texture, color, and overall look. 
  • Arranging the frames first to see how they look first is a great way to visualize your wall art. 
  • Mark your spots to remember the placements.
  • Using a leveling tool or even a wall-hanging template can make the job even easier.
  • Take your time, there is no rush when it comes to creativity so have fun with it. 

Printable Boho Art FAQ

What is modern boho style?

Modern boho style adapted from the bohemian style that society sees as an artistic, ethnic boho hippie-like style, and natural style with a modern twist.

This style consists of wood, moon phase images, animal elements, watercolor design, boho spring flowers, boho turquoise colors, vintage Indian elephant images, macrame, and beautiful boho feathers. 

What is the difference between boho and bohemian?

Boho is the same thing but just a shorter version of the word and concept as the word bohemian.

Is boho and hippie style the same?

Hippie style is associated with the word boho because it uses the elements and way of life of hippie culture in bohemian culture. 

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