Workplace Wellness Tips to Improve Your Health at Work


I am sharing workplace wellness tips that will provide you with healthy habits in your work environment and overall work-life balance.

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Without a doubt, it can be hard to have a well-balanced diet, high productivity levels, or decrease workplace stress.

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As a busy mom myself who is homemaking just about everything (which takes up so much time, but is worth it all) and working as a full-time nurse, I have found ways to improve my physical health and mental well-being.

With the help of these workplace wellness tips, you can create a healthy lifestyle.

Here are top workplace wellness tips!

1. Get enough sleep & rest

This an easy first tip to start you off, but surprisingly sleep is not always easy to do when you have a busy life.

I’m sure you’ve heard from multiple sources that most people need about 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night to ultimate brain function and energy levels.

Ultimately, yes of course you need a lot of sleep, but your quality of sleep is as important too. According to, the benefits of getting enough sleep can:

  • Helps you reduce stress
  • Lowers your chances of getting serious health problems
  • Improves emotional health
  • Helps you make better decisions

…and so much more.

Additionally, it can be hard for some people to fall asleep for multiple reasons which can cause many health issues in the future.

The truth is at the end of the day you have been working for long periods of time and your body needs rest.

According to Medical News Today, studies showed that people who can’t sleep usually show signs of depression.

If you’re having issues like these, always get medical advice from your doctor.

Nevertheless, I’m sure you can find many ways how to get a good night’s sleep but talking to your physician is the best way to find solutions.

Surprisingly, some folks get enough sleep and are still tired when they wake up to go to work the next day. (I’ve definitely had those days!).

To get more insight on this checks out this video from the podcast The Doctor’s Farmacy by Dr. Mark Hyman, his wealth of knowledge on medical topics is worth watching!

His books Food: What the Heck Should I Eat? and Food Fix: How to Save Our Health, Our Economy, Our Communities, and Our Planet–One Bite at a Time changed my life as it changed the way I look at my overall health, it’s a must-read for sure.

2. Eat a nutritional breakfast

You’ve heard time and time again; breakfast can be the most important meal of the day!

Depending on your lifestyle and diet, eating breakfast might not be on someone’s agenda every day.

However, for the ones that do eat breakfast in the morning getting a well-balanced breakfast is a good idea and can improve your health while working.

According to Healthline, some good breakfast choices include:

  • Eggs
  • Greek yogurt
  • Oats
  • Various Fruit
  • Mixture of nuts
  • Protein shakes

Whether you are on a plant-based diet, vega or not there are plenty of healthy eating ideas for breakfast.

Personally, one of my favorite easy go-to breakfast meals is a bowl of organic Greek yogurt to which I add chia seeds, flaxseed, and colorful fruit into. (I must say it is pretty yummy)

Overall, being aware of what you put in your body in the morning is a great way to stay physically and mentally healthy before you go to work.

3. Prepare lunch and snacks ahead of time

Unfortunately, this can be a challenge as it takes some planning in your personal life to prepare food beforehand.

A good rule of thumb is to cook more food than usual at dinnertime so you can save it for lunch!

But if you don’t like leftovers, a good time to pack a healthy lunch or healthy snacks is either the night before or in the early morning.

Here are some snack options that nutritionist recommends, according to

  • Apples, or any type of fruit (My personal favorite)
  • Hard boil eggs
  • Nuts like almonds, walnuts, etc. (My 2nd favorite)
  • Avocado paired with crackers

Most importantly, when lunch planning picking foods that are plant-based will nourish the body as well as protect the gut (your gut is very important, definitely protect it).

Especially at this time, eating whole foods that contain no processed sugar or chemicals will keep you healthy in the long run.

4. Always carry water for hydration

As a school nurse, I’m constantly reminding children of all ages to drink water during the day.

Carrying a water bottle or thermos if you like to drink tea, is extremely helpful for someone who is always on the go. (My thermos and tea infuser is always by my side)

I know! I can hear you now…drinking more water while working sounds easy but it’s hard to do sometimes! According to, some ways to help you drink more water include:

  • Give yourself goals to drink (I do this & it works for me)
  • Carry a water bottle you can fill up during the day
  • Use electronics to help you set a reminder
  • Eat foods that have a lot of water in them like Cucumbers, Celery
  • Watermelon
  • Lettuce, Spinach
  • Cantaloupe
  • Broth
  • Before you eat or sleep drink a cup of water ( I do this & it helps!)

Of course, the only thing you can do is try. So, try your best to drink more water throughout the day and you will definitely see a difference in yourself.

But, if you’re wondering what happens when you don’t drink water, here is a video from TED ED that explains it beautifully.

5. Always follow guidelines to stay clean 

At the present time, we all have to take extra precautions when out and about.

As a registered nurse in the school system, I try to set an example at work on staying clean and making it a priority to protect yourself in public.

Always follow the CDC guidelines and remember to follow up with your doctor for any health concerns.

6. Practice breathing exercises

Working a full-time job has its stressful moments, and stress and anxiety may hinder your overall health.

Deep breathing exercises are easy and quick to do right at your desk.

According to John Hopkins, “Deep breathing exercises can also lessen feelings of anxiety and stress.”

Even if you aren’t stressed at work, taking a moment to be mindful of your breathing can be a form of meditation that helps clear your mind.

You can get good breathing techniques from, they suggest trying some breathing techniques for only 2 minutes a day to start then move up to 5 minutes.

For some practice, here is a short video from to help you start out.

7. Hear your favorite music tunes often 

First of all, who doesn’t love music, I know I do!

Music can change my mood instantly and I learned it can also be a form of therapy or even medicine.

According to the American Psychological Association, hearing music can boost your immune system, reduce your stress hormone cortisol, and ease depression symptoms.

So, go ahead and play more music you enjoy on your lunch break while driving to and from work, or whenever you can squeeze in time.

Overall, by simply hearing music you will be improving your mental health and increasing your quality of life.

8. Move

An effective way to move at work is to get off the computer screen if you’re on one and take a short walk.

Find a quiet space, get clean air, fresh air, and natural light, and walk to help with blood flow.

Regular breaks are needed to maintain mental wellness in the work area and avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

If you can get a standing desk that will be a better way to stay moving or use a yoga ball during your break times.

9. Get some sunlight 

Moving more and getting sunlight can go hand-in-hand while working.

Both are two great ways to give yourself a little boost of motivation during your busy day.

Exercise is important to do, but like most people, it can be hard to make time to schedule it. According to the American Heart Association, some ways to stay active include:

  • Get a stand-up desk at work
  • Go on a walk/stretch break
  • March in place
  • Schedule time in a work calendar to move

In addition to moving more, getting more sunlight at work can also keep you staying healthy at work.

I find that even just a couple of minutes of getting sun exposure makes me feel happier instantly. states, that getting sunlight increases melatonin in your body which in turn lowers your stress levels.

So, at work make some time and move by stepping outside for a few minutes to get more sun… and don’t forget your sunscreen!

10.  Always be kind 

I always feel better when I can make someone’s day by showing an act of kindness.

Having more compassion and offering little acts of kindness while you’re at work has a positive effect on your mental health.

According to, being kind to others releases the oxytocin hormone in your body which in turn will reduce inflammation and lower your blood pressure.

A good resource on this topic is the Random Act of Kindness Foundation. They have free kindness calendars and other free goodies on their website.

In Conclusion

Anyone can improve their health with our workplace wellness tips:

  • Get enough sleep and rest
  • Eat a nutritional breakfast
  • Prepare lunch and snacks ahead of time
  • Always carry water for hydration
  • Always follow guidelines to stay clean
  • Practice breathing exercises
  • Hear your favorite music tunes often
  • Move and get sunlight
  • Always be kind

Consider making your health and wellness at work a priority. But the effort you put in to improve yourself is worth it in the long run and staying healthy at work.

When implementing health and wellness tips it’s okay to take baby steps and see what works for you.

Remember no one is perfect, and if you have to try again, there is always another day.

There you go all our workplace wellness tips, Did any of these tips help you while working?

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