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If you want to learn how to make a balloon garland arch by getting step-by-step instructions then you’re at the right place.

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Being a homesteader, I do a lot of DIY things especially when it comes to event planning. I take every opportunity to do things myself which is more cost-effective in the long run.

Having many birthday parties for my three girls every year has provided me with plenty of experience.

I know it may look hard because of how big balloon garlands are, but the truth is they are pretty simple.

 It doesn’t take much to make beautiful decorations…if I can do it, you can too!

After you go through this step-by-step guide with photos, you will want to make this type of party decoration every time there is a special occasion, birthday party, or any next party you have.

Table of Contents: How to make a balloon garland

Creating a balloon garland cannot be done without some supplies. Without a doubt, you can get by with minimal supplies if you are on a tight budget.

Most of these supplies don’t cost very much and I think spending a couple of dollars is reasonable. For the way a balloon garland stands out in a room, it is worth buying supplies to make balloon arches yourself.

Balloon garland photo backdrops make amazing photos for any event, and I know you will be happy that you made the quick investment to do a DIY.

Below I have linked some key supplies and optionable supplies that will help you will need to complete your own balloon garland. I also linked what I used to make a rainbow backdrop as well!

How to make a balloon garland: Supplies

  1. Balloons: Depending on your theme you can pick a variety of colors of balloons that you want on it. Get a variety of sizes of small balloons and larger balloons to give yourself various sizes to work with.

Here are some different colors of DIY balloon garlands to choose from:

Metallic Balloons Multicolor – This is a 100 psc set that has plenty of metallic colors to make an amazing-looking garland.

Pastel Latex Balloons: 200 assortments of colors that consist of light blue, pink, mint, grey, blush, yellow, etc.

2. String or clear fishing line: Any color string will do since you are using this to hang up your garland. A clear fishing line will blend in any background so this is a great option as well.

3. Decorating plastic strips: These strips will keep you organized when placing your balloons to make the shape. The strips are easy to use, don’t break the bank, and hold tons of balloons to make a garland as long as you want it to be.

4. Finishing nails or command hooks: You can use either of these because you will need something to support your balloon garland up on a hard surface. Personally, finishing nails seems to be sturdier than command hooks every time. These supplies are important because this is how you secure your balloon garland up.

5. Optional-Glue dot: These are great if you need more support for balloons while the balloons are up on your wall or if you need to fill in small empty spaces on your garland.

6. Optional- Electric Balloon blower pump:It is the perfect way to blow a bunch of balloons fast and help you build your DIY balloon arch in no time. It’s powerful so be careful when blowing up balloons, you must go easy on it if it is your first time using it. You can also use a hand pump if you think it’s the easiest way or most inexpensive way to make a beautiful balloon garland.

7. Optional- Streamers, plastic props like tropical leaves, faux flowers, stars, etc.: It can be a good idea to use fake flowers or fresh flowers depending on the theme of the party.

When I made a tropical balloon garland, I stuck faux monstera plant leaves in between the balloons giving it a more tropical feel.

8. Optional-Balloon arch kit: Buying a balloon garland kit will make your life easier especially if you are busy with event planning. Balloon kits usually have all the supplies you need in one package, including items like balloons, glue dots, balloon string, and balloon garland strips.

Below are some great kits! (Including the one I used)

214 Pcs All-in-one Balloon Set: You can get an all-in-one kit like this one that comes with everything so you don’t have to shop around for each individual thing you need.

Arch Strip Set Sage Olive Avocado Metallic– You can pick a color scheme like this one which usually comes with the colors you are searching for, glue dots, and decorating strip.

All these supplies make it easy to create your event decor in no time.

Step-By-Step Directions

1.The first step is to blow up balloons one at a time by the method of choice (mine is by an Electric Balloon blower pump)

blowing up a balloon with an electric balloon pump

2. Place one balloon into the garland plastic strip leaving at least 3-5 inches of the strip untouched.

adding a balloon to a plastic balloon garland strip

3. Continue adding balloons into the holes of the Balloon garland plastic strip making sure to blow up each balloon at different sizes (make some big, medium, and small). This will add a good balance to your balloon garland. Stop adding balloons until you get the desired size of garland.

4. After you finish adding balloons, attach any optional faux flowers, leaves, etc. if you like. (Use glue dots to help them stay on.)

5. Have someone help you prop up your garland to where you want it and add any balloons or décor that you see is missing.

white balloon garland

5. How do I attach a balloon garland to the wall? I will tell you two ways;

#1 way is to leave 3-5 inches of the plastic strip which lets you stretch out the garland and nail in strip to a wall. If you want it to lay a certain shape, using glue dots behind the balloons can help you get the desired shape.

a plastic balloon garland decoration strip nailed to a black wall

#2 way is to tie each end with fishing line or balloon string to a nail it or a command hook when placing your creation in the position of choice. 

string holding up a balloon garland

How to make a Rainbow Garland: Backdrop with streamers

Backdrop streamers look amazing under a balloon garland completing a party theme. A rainbow garland with streamers is so colorful and adds so much fun and brightness to any rainbow-themed party.

The supplies and instructions are like the ones you read above. I will show you how I made this rainbow garland with streams below!

Rainbow garland supplies

  1. Reference the balloon garland supplies above, you can use multicolor balloons or all white to recreate clouds like I did.
  2. Different color paper streams-Looking at a picture like the one below of a rainbow streamers is a great way to give yourself ideas of what type of colors to use. Even though it’s a rainbow, not all colors have to be used, it’s your personal preference.
  3. Glue dots
  4. Scissors
  5. Optional: Rainbow garland kit– This will come with everything you need, the one I used is linked HERE.

Backdrop with streamers instructions 

  1. Use the balloon garland instruction we mentioned at the beginning of this post to create the balloon garland.
  2. For the rainbow streamers: place all colors on the floor next to where you want them on the wall

3.Place one or two glue dots on a color streamer and stick it right under your balloon garland leaving at least 2-3 inches of balloons out.

Roll down the streamer till you hit the floor and cut off.

Use about 5-7 strips per color of streamer overlapping each other by 1-2 inches to make it look fuller.

Adjust as needed and finish off your last color leaving 2-3 inches of balloons without streamers under them.

Examples of balloon garlands I completed

I this party theme I was trying to create a tropical party for my girls!

tropical balloon garland

A Rainbow-themed party I made this past year!

rainbow balloon garland

How to make a balloon garland Tips

  • I recommend making a it at least 1-2 days in advance if possible. You can do it a week ahead, but I find the balloons look better with only 1- day of them being blown up.
  • Do not use helium to blow up your balloons for your arch since it doesn’t give you much control of handling the balloons.
  • No need to buy different size balloons for your arch since you can adjust the size of each balloon while you are blowing them up. Make some small, medium, and large!
  • Work smarter not harder and buy an electric balloon blower pump, the air will never go out and you can have it to use for years to come. Save your breath and make it easier on yourself when you needed to blow up a lot of balloons.

How to make a balloon garland FAQ

How many balloons do you need to make a garland?

If you are making a small to medium one you can up to 30-40 balloons to fill it up. For larger balloon garlands you can use from 60 to 100 balloons, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone uses over 100 balloons if they are making an elaborate one.

Overall, it depends on the length you want your balloon garland to be and the ratio of different size balloons placed into it. 

How many balloons pop from your balloon garland?

From my experience, if I make a balloon garland a day in advance, no balloons pop until a whole day after the themed party. It all depends on how long you have had your garland has been completed and what is surrounding it. I would say the average would be about 2-3 balloons pop after 2-3 whole days of having it up. 

Is there more than one method to assemble a balloon garland?

There is more the one method to assemble a balloon garland. One way to do it is with all separate supplies doing with a string, the second is with a balloon strip that usually comes with a balloon garland kit.

I’m sure there are many creative ways o how to complete a balloon garland successfully.

How do you make a balloon garland fast?

Buy a balloon garland kit and Electric Balloon blower pump is how you speed up the process of creating it fast. You can finish any size balloon garland in no time if you have the right resources on hand. 

Is balloon garland easy to make?

Balloon garlands are very easy to make because directions are simple and don’t require any fancy tools to build them. I highly recommend trying to make a balloon garland for yourself and seeing how fast you can complete one. 

How long do balloon garlands last?

A balloon garland can last for a little over a week before multiple balloons start to pop off. 

Just like that, you officially know how to make a balloon garland for a themed event. The more you do this type of party decor the easier they will become.

Nonetheless, making a balloon garland is easy to do when you have full instructions on how to make a balloon garland yourself. 

Let me know if any of this information has been helpful to you in the comments. I would love to know what theme party you are making!


how to make a balloon garland

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