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This is the best how to guide dehydrating oranges that will teach you different ways to dehydrate oranges the easy way.

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Dehydrating oranges is one of the most popular crafty activities to do for decorative purposes and use for many different things. 

Drying citrus fruit, especially oranges is an overall great way to preserve oranges for future use.

dehydrated oranges

Dehydrating any oranges will remove enough moisture from the citrus through evaporation to prevent the growth of bacteria in the fruit.

Table of Contents

You will find many ways how to use dehydrated oranges in this post.

We will help give you some ideas, as well as tips and tricks, and how to dehydrate oranges with two different methods.

Why you should dehydrate oranges 

  • It’s easy to do and make for all occasions
  • Extends the shelf life of bulk citrus
  • It will help you offer something different when it comes to healthy snacks
  • Provides you with creative materials to use for crafts.
  • You can dehydrate a variety of citrus.
  • It will let you take advantage of bulk sale deals on citrus-like oranges.
  • It’s portable compact and light for all kitchens and craft rooms.
  • It’s a kid-friendly activity that is super simple to do.
  • It will decrease your waste of oranges and other citrus fruits.

Dehydrating Oranges Ingredients

Oranges (the amount is up to you)

Dehydrating Oranges Equipment

stacked dehydrated oranges


You do not need anything fancy to cut your oranges or any other citrus, a knife can do the job.

Mandolin Cutter Tool

Knives are simple but investing in a mandolin cutter makes scutting oranges easier, and faster, and gives you the exact size of orange slices every time.

Cutting board

Using a cutting board will help clean up your mess more easily and not ruin your kitchen countertops.


I have the Magic Mill food dehydrator, read my review of it.

One of the most popular but more expensive dehydrators is the Excalibur food dehydrator. (that will be my next purchase) 

Airtight container 

The best type of air-tight of is a glass container like a mason jar.

Wire rack (optional)

You can use a wire rack to hold your dehydrated orange slices to cool them.

Parchment paper (optional)

Parchment paper that is unbleached is an eco-friendly choice to place your oranges if using an oven.

Silicone baking mat (optional)

Silicone baking mats are another great choice eco-friendly choice to place your oranges on if using an oven to dry them.

Dehydrating Orange Slices step-by-step

Wash all your oranges with only water

cutting orange with a knife

Gather your oranges and cut them into slices with a knife or a mandoline slicer.

Place all your orange slices on your dehydrator trays, making sure that they do not touch each other.

dehydrated oranges in dehydrator

Place your orange slices tray in a dehydrator and run at least 140°F for at least 8 to 16 hours. 

Depending on your dehydrator, your time and temperature may differ.

How to Dry Oranges Using the Oven

Wash all your fresh oranges with water

Cut oranges into slices with a sharp knife.

had placing orange slices on a baking sheet

Place a single layer of thin slices of oranges (or any other citrus slices) on a baking tray on top of a baking sheet, parchment paper,  a nonstick silicone, or a baking mat. 

orange slices in the oven

Bake orange slices in the oven at 250 degrees for 3-6 hrs.

Depending on the strength of your oven, check on oranges every 30 minutes to prevent burning.

orange slices in oven

Dehydrating Oranges Tips

  • Keep checking on the slices that are in the oven every hour to prevent burning from happening.
  • If your orange slices are in the oven start burning take them as soon as you can and dry them on the counter overnight. 
  • Always wash your citrus fruit before cutting them into slices
  • The thinner your orange slices, the faster they will dry, but be mindful they have more chance to burn quicker.
  • You can flip your orange slices that are in the oven every hour to help them dry evenly.

How To Store Dehydrated Orange Slices

dehydrated oranges in a jar

The best way to store dehydrated oranges, or any type of dehydrated fruit is to place them in an airtight container.

My favorite airtight container is a glass container, preferably Mason jars are best because they are less wasteful and a self-sustainable way to store any dehydrated foods.

Be sure to place the air-tight container of your dehydrated oranges in a place that is cool, dark, and preferably away from outdoor conditions.

Having the right environment for your dehydrated foods will extend the shelf life of your dried food and fruits. 

What to Do With Dehydrated Oranges Slices

There are so many things you can do with the dry orange slices or any citrus that you are preserving.

Here are some ideas!

Dehydrate Oranges as Gifts

dried grapefruit

If you give it as a gift, you can make it look presentable by placing it with ornaments in a clear plastic bag tied with twine ( add wood beads threaded in twine to get the natural look too!)

For gifts: Don’t forget to place a little tag stating it’s handmade with love.

Add in homemade potpourri

A perfect way to use dry citrus is to use it for homemade potpourri.

Gift wrapping 

​Dried orange slices can be added to gift wrapping to give a natural look. 

Natural home decor

dried orange slices and cinnamon garland

You can push through a pretty string, like burlap to make a garland for your home.

Cocktail Garnish

dehydrated oranges in a cocktail

Placing dry orange slices in or on the side of a cocktail can be great for parties and overall make a nice presentation.

Use dehydrated oranges as a garnish for recipes

Add dried oranges on top of a meal, dessert, or your favorite recipes as a garnish. 

Dried oranges are sweet treats

dehydrated oranges candy

Dipping half your dehydrated orange slices (or any dry citrus) in chocolate or any sweet sauce can make a healthy and yummy snack.

Sprinkling sugar or any type of topping on your dehydrated oranges can make a great snack that has a citrus flavor.

Dehydrate oranges to make orange powder

citrus slices

Once your orange slices (or you can use dehydrated orange peels) are fully dried, place them in a powerful blender to make your orange powder.

Orange powder can be used in baking goods, crafts, popsicles, and other recipes.

Using a powerful blender is helpful, I use a Vitamix and honestly, I think it is worth the investment. I use it all the time!

Natural Christmas decorations or ornaments 

dry orange ornaments

Place twine through the top of the orange slice and add the decoration of your choice.

Beautiful citrus slices, like a variety of oranges, dehydrated limes, and dehydrated grapefruit can make a Christmas garland. 

Here are some examples:

dehydrated oranges christmas ornaments
  • Tie a piece of Christmas ribbon over the twine
  • Place the bell through string then tie a ribbon on top of the bell
  • Place a piece of a Christmas tree or twig, make a knot on top, and then thread wood beads. Make one last note to hold place beads in place.
  • Place a small star ornament through twine then make a knot to hold it in place.
  • Add a burlap ribbon with a bell under twine & then make a knot to hold it in place.

There you go, quick, easy, and beautiful ornaments to add to your tree or give to a friend!

Can You Dehydrate Oranges in an Air Fryer? 

dried citrus slices
  • You can dehydrate oranges in an Air Fryer by preparing them just like you would when drying them in an oven or dehydrator.
  • Place the orange slices on parchment paper in your Air Fryer.
  • Depending on the strength of your Air Fryer, set the temperature at 180 to 200 degrees F for about an hour or an hour ad half. 
  • Check and flip them every 30 minutes until fully dried.

FAQ dehydrating oranges

dehydrated oranges

How long do dried orange peels last? 

Dried orange peels last for at least 6 months to a year if you store them in an air-tight container in a cool place.

Always check for spoilage just in case your environment is not ideal and use your best judgment. 

Can you eat dehydrated oranges? 

Just like other dehydrated fruits, you can eat dehydrated oranges as they make a healthy snack. 

What citrus can I dehydrate?


The list of citrus you can dehydrate are lemon, lime, sweet oranges, blood oranges, mandarin, grapefruit, kumquat, pomelo, and a lot of other fruit in the citrus family. 

I hope you learn all about how to start dehydrating oranges and try it out yourself!

Did you try to do our quick DIY Christmas ornament?

I would love to know how they turned out in the comments below!

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