14 Beautiful Tulip Farms & Festivals in America


For the love of tulips! We have listed the 14 most beautiful tulip farms in America. 

Every year I visit Tulip Town in Mount Vernon, Wa. This year is my last year being able to visit the beautiful tulip farm in Washington, so I got inspired to find other amazing tulip farms around America.

yellow tulip field of flowers

All these Tulip farms will inspire gardeners and simply put a smile on non-gardeners alike.

If you want to be surrounded by beauty or need the inspiration to grow something beautiful, then a tulip farm is a place to go.

Tulip Farms: Table of Contents

Before we list all the amazing tulip farms here are some FAQs about these types of farms.

Why are tulip flowers cut during peak blooming time on Tulip Farms?

Cutting off tulip flowers and leaving the blub helps the plant put all its energy into producing more beautiful and better-looking flowers for the next growing season.

pink blooming tulip field of flowers

How to plan your trip to see a tulip farm at its best?

Giving some time for tulips to blooms would be a great time to make a trip to a tulip farm or festival.

Depending on your location, a good rule of thumb is to visit a tulip farm in the Spring, usually Mid-April is a great time to see all the tulip blooms!

How long does the tulip farm or festival last?

Tulip farms and festivals usually stay open as early as the end of March and can stay open till the beginning of May.

14 Most Beautiful Tulip Farms in America

1. Tulip Town | Mount Vernon, Wa

a field of different color tulips in tulip town, mount vernon, WA

A man named Jon purchased the first tulip farm in Skagit Valley in WA in the 1980s and ran it with his family. In the year 2019, the family turned over to the farm to a new owner. 

Your ticket to the tulip farm includes parking, entrance, access to local food vendors, shops and a trolley ride. 

You can pay extra for the Experience pass that includes access to their workshop and you’re taught to build your own bouquet of tulips. 

For photographers you can buy a pass to come to the farm during the golden hours. 

See my VLOG at the Skagit Valley Tulip Farm below!

Location: 15502 Bradshaw Rd,  Mt Vernon, WA 98273

2. Windmill Island Gardens | Holland, Michigan

Windmill Island Gardens is part of the popular Tulip location in Holland Michigan.

You can celebrate this farms tulips all around at a 4 miles radius. 

This specific farm offers an authentic Dutch fit shop, beautiful garden, antique Dutch carousel, picnic areas, playground, and monumental windmill that creates a great photo-op for visitors.

There will be no disappointment visiting Windmill island Gardens 100,000 tulip garden in any given year.

See what is like to visit Windmill Island Garden in this video below!

Location: 1 lincoln Avenue, Holland, MI 49423

3. Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest| Woodburn, Oregon

A must-see tulip farm is in Wooden Shoe Tulip farm that hosts Tulip fest in Oregon. They have 40 acres of amazing tulips and provide tons of activities if you make a trip to their farm.

Aside from the tulip fest you can also pay to go on a hot air balloon ride looking over their farm.

So what does a Tulip farm Fest admission ticket get you anyway, well depending on the day you go you there is… 

Access to 4-acre garden in addition to the tulip garden, hay wagon ride, photo cut outboard, children play area, cow wagon, Tulip Tour train, Market Vineyard, tons of food vendors on-site, and a bungee jumper.

Below is a video on the most recent update of Wooden Tulip Festival!

Location: 33814 S. Meridian Rd. Woodburn, OR 97071

4.Tulip Time Festival | Pella, Iowa

Enjoy celebrating Dutch culture, Dutch foods, thousands of tulips, performances, parade floats, museum tours, and music. This isn’t a farm like the actual farms on this, but multiple gardens around Pella, Iowa.

Nevertheless, you will get the feel of a farm festival and many of the beautiful flowers that will surround you while taking a stroll around the festival.

The video below is a great view of this Tulip Time Festival.

Location: Vermeer Mill & Historical Village, 507 Franklin St., Pella, Iowa 50219

 5.Holland Ridge Farms U-Pick Tulips | Cream Ridge, New Jersey

Discover this beautiful 553 acres farm that has deep family roots going back over 100 years of growing tulips. They don’t have thousands, but they have over a million of tulips you can pick from. 

From food trucks to Dutch souvenirs, this farm is truly an amazing farm to visit in Cream Ridge, NJ.

Side Bonus, after their tulip season is over, you can enjoy their amazing field of sunflowers you can pick starting the month of October.

Location: 86 Rues Road, Cream Ridge NJ 08514

6.Texas Tulips | Pilot Point, Texas

Come pick over 100 varieties of tulips at Texas Tulips starting mid-February till the End of April. The family that owns this form are actually descents of the Netherlands.

While visiting you can also enjoy a hay ride and plenty of photo-ops with their beautiful tulips.

It might be a older video, but his one shows what Texas Tulip is all about.

Location: 10656 FM2931, Pilot Point, TX 76258

7. Albany Tulip Festival | Albany, New York

Each year Washington Park in New York puts on an event to show thousands of people over 100,00  beautiful tulips. The public can track the tulips on their youtube page and enjoy musical performances from locals, and tulips tours with city gardeners. 

Traditionally this tulip festival also puts on a street scrubbing, a luncheon, picks a Tulip queen, and has a Royal Tulip Ball to honor the Tulip Court.

A day in a life at Albany Tulip Festival is shown below.

Location: 24 Eagle St , Albany, NY, NY 12207

8. Dutch Hollow Farms | Modesto, California

Jon Bos founded this farm in the 2000s and lets the public enjoy his tulip field in the Spring. You can also rent out a day for a birthday party that includes a Petting ZooTrike Track, and Zip Lines!

Have fun and pick your own tulips in this farm! For more information about this farm check out the video below.

Location: 4524 Milnes Road, Modesto, CA 95357

9. Holland America Flower Gardens | Woodland, Washington

Beginning their life in Washington from Holland, the Dobbe’s started their tulip festival in 2002 and never looked back. You can enjoy their certified American grown flowers and gift shop in the Springtime. 

Holland America Flower farm is a U-pick farm, so you can grab all the flowers you want and they will help you make your own bouquet too!

A little recap on this flower farm is shown below.


Location: 1066 S Pekin Rd, Woodland, WA 98674

10.Netherlands Carillon Tulips| in DC

Admiring beautiful tulips while seeing famous DC monuments from afar. Netherlands Carillon Tulips is a great place to go for a picnic too. 

These DC tulips were gifted to the United States from the Dutch after World War II. The history is as amazing as the beautiful blooming Tulips!

Enjoy this montage of Netherlands Carillon Tulips below.

Location: Netherlands Carillon, 1400 N MEADE ST, Arlington, VA 22209

11.Brookside Gardens Tulips | Wheaton, Maryland

Around the same time as Maryland’s famous cherry blooms, you can also enjoy beautiful tulips that cover the Brookside Garden.

There are more than 2.5 million tulips and daffodils that you can pick from when you take a visit to see their amazing flowers. 

Be sure to catch it beginning mid-April! 

Take a peak at the video below on what is like at Brookside Garden Tulips.

Location:  11008 Kettle Run Road, Nokevilla, VA 20181

12. Tulipmania | San Francisco, California

Fall in love with more than 40, 000 tulips in San Francisco’s iconic Tulipmania festival that takes place on PIER 39. Learn all about their tulips with a free guided tour, and handy garden tips!

In addition, after you take a tour of the amazing location you can get your hands on a free bag of mini donuts and a small cup of coffee.

A day in the life going to Tulipmania is shown below!

Location: Pier 39 Beach Street and The Embarcadero , San Francisco, CA 94133

13. Garvan Woodland Gardens Tulip Extravaganza | Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

Visit this botanical garden in Southwest Arkansas and enjoy their tulip extravaganza that shows off over 150,000 lovely tulips. 

You will not be disappointed if you visit this beautiful garden full of all different kinds of tulips. Visit between the beginning of March till the end of April!

See a great overview of this Tulip Extravaganza by P. Allen Smith.

Location: 550 Arkridge Road, Hot Springs National Park, AR 71913

14.Burnside Farms: Nokesville, VA

Last but not least, Burnside Farms Festival of Spring – Holland in Virginia is a must-go-to farm as it has over 2.5 million tulips and daffodils.

The farm is over 15 acres and provides a spectacular pick-your-own flower festival that not only has flowers but many family filled facitivies.

Some activities include a playhouse area, movies, corn sandbox, grain bin basketball, cornhole, live music, more than 100 pairs of authentic Dutch wooden shoes, and a picnic area your family can enjoy. Not to mention, kids under 3 are free!

Checkout the video below to visually see what an amazing place it really is. 

Location:11008 Kettle Run Rd., Nokesville, VA 20181

Tulip Farm & Festivals Recap

1. Tulip town : Mount Vernon, Wa

2. Windmill island gardens,  Holland, Michigan

3. Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest, Woodburn, Oregon

4. Tulip Time Festival, Pella, Iowa

5. Holland Ridge Farms U-Pick Tulips, Cream Ridge, New Jersey

6. Texas Tulips | Pilot Point, Texas

7. Albany Tulip Festival, Albany, New York

8. Dutch Hollow Farms | Modesto, California

9. Holland America Flower Gardens | Woodland, Washington

10. Netherlands Carillon Tulips in DC

11. Brookside Gardens Tulips in Maryland

12. Tulipmania, San Francisco, California

13. Garvan Woodland Gardens Tulip Extravaganza

14. Burnside Farms: Nokesville, VA

I hope this helps you next time your wondering which tulip farm or festival you want to visit in any given year.

Let me know in the comments if this was helpful, or your experience visiting one of these places.

Also, If all these beautiful gardens don’t inspire you to start a garden, I don’t know what will!

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