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This post will show free garden and plant apps that are worth downloading today!

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I’m pretty sure gardeners use smartphones, and use apps to make life a little bit easier sometimes.

A bunch gardening tools on top of a smart phone

So, let’s make your gardening life a little bit easier and help you improve your gardening.

It doesn’t matter if you are a master gardener or just started yesterday growing some food on your balcony.

Table of Contents: Garden & Plant Apps

Gardening apps can be handy and can only help you in the garden.

a hand holding a smart phone infront of a labtop that is on a garden app

If you had any of these problems or questions…Oh, what is the variety of that plant again? I forgot to water my plants!

I need to plan out this gardening already…..then you need to check out these gardening apps below.

a hand holding a smart phone infront of a labtop that is on a garden app

I have done the research for you and checked out over 20 + gardening apps, then picked the ones that didn’t give me a headache to set up and that was worth downloading today. To make it easier for you, I organized them by category!

Plant identification Apps


a screenshot of a phone app called Picture This

This garden app will let you take a picture of any plant and it will tell you what it is. PictureThis is a very nifty app, I have used this app plenty of times. Just make sure to hit the X in the top corner when any ad comes up so you can continue to use it for free.

The app tells you to plant diagnoses problems and helps you schedule the care of all your plants as well.

Nature ID

a screenshot of a phone app called NatureID

Another garden app that helps you identify any plant you want to know about. This identifier also helps you diagnose problems that affect all types of plants.

Super helpful and a quick app to use no matter what type of garden or space you have. As a bonus, this app also doubles as a scheduler and lets you add a task you need to do.

Garden Planning & Education Apps

From Seed to Spoon

a screenshot of a phone app called Seed to spoon

I love this free gardening app! As a nurse I appreciate an app like this one, and just so you know a nurse made this app with her husband!

This app helps you plan, educates you on companion planting, pest treatments, provides the health benefit of plants and so much more.

If you are starting to buy seeds, check out this app, and 12-must know tips on how to choose the right seeds. You will be glad you did!

Here is a quick YouTube video from Seed to Spoon explaining how to use this amazing app!

Burpee Time Planner

This classic company not only has been selling seeds for years, but its garden app is also helpful especially for beginners. You can choose from various categories of crops and learn everything you need to know about growing them.

This garden app also helps you list all plants you want in your future garden. This seed company provides gardeners with all types of seeds and continues to educate gardeners too.

If your buying seeds Burpee is a great company, another favorite of mine is Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and Botanical Interests, and need a great way to organize them, check out all the amazing seed storage and organization ideas!

Homegrown with Bonnie Plants

a screenshot of a phone app called homegrown with bonnie

This app is from Bonnie plants; they sell plants everywhere from Walmart to Lowe’s. Their app has a lot of gardening tips, a place for you to keep notes, and find plants. Great for all gardeners no matter if you are an experienced gardener or not.

Design Gardening App


a screenshot of a phone app called Iscape

I was hesitant to put this on the list because it’s semi-free. Out of all the garden designing apps out there, this app is the only one that is worth noting. It is free to do certain things but to use it to landscape your garden the pay version is how you do the real work.

You can use this app for design inspiration as it has various ways to design yards and gardens. I’m all for inspiration and motivation so this app made the list!

Now, I want to know…Did you download any of these gardening apps, and did they help you? Let me know in the comments below!


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