50 Best Gifts for Makers, Crafters & DIYers


We have selected high-quality gifts for makers crafters and DIYers. Here you will find ultimate gifts for the maker community, maker friends, family, and every type of person, occasion, and price point.

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The satisfaction of making something yourself is amazing these days and anything DIY is more popular than ever. 

If you’re here to buy craft supplies or give the perfect gifts for makers in your life, you are in the right place! I definitely recommend trying to craft or make something if you haven’t yet and try one of these amazing gifts yourself too!

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The holiday season is a great time to do crafts, to try a craft yourself check out our how-to make your own ornaments with pinecones.

When you make something yourself as a crafter or a beginner DIYer, you will save money, you will have fun, and have something that you can be proud of.

The crafter in your life will love all these gifts for makers and we have them in all types of price points. So let’s dig into 50 gift ideas and find a gift for your special someone who loves to do it themselves.

Best gifts for makers under $20

We want to consider all types of budgets so if your budget is tight we got we still got gifts for the makers for you. Below are all gifts for crafters DIYers and makers that are under $20.

Book: Crafting with Wood Pallets: Projects for Rustic Furniture, Decor, Art, Gifts, and more

Crafting with Wood Pallets book is full of wood projects, and it is great for your crafter who loves all things wood. This book is highly rated and a great addition to any wood crafters library.

Wood Slices Kit, Shuttle Art 35 PCS

These wood-slice art kits are so neat! It’s a great gift to give the maker who has an interest in coloring drawing and painting. This set provides everything needed to make creative with wood slice art.

Book: Sew Me! Sewing Basics: Simple Techniques and Projects for First-Time Sewers 

This book is all about the basics of sewing and it is under $20 for those who have a smaller budget. It’s great to have a sewing book even if you’re not a crafter so this gift is an amazing one.

Colored Pencils Set for Adults 

Coloring is not just for makers and crafters, but giving a nice set of coloring pencils would be greatly appreciated by the person in your life who loves to color.

Sewing Embroidery Scissors with Leather

If your maker loves beautiful things then this embroidery scissor with leather case is such a thoughtful gift. It brings elegance and function ability to the maker or crafter in your life.

Scrapbooking Supplies Kit

This scrapbook kit is a great gift idea for young makers who love a new project. Scrapbooking can be so much fun with this 375-piece set!

A Book of 60 Hand-Drawn Greeting Cards & Envelopes

Who doesn’t love coloring? This is coloring with a twist since it’s a coloring book that is actually cards and envelopes for your crafter to make for their loved ones.

Glass Mosaic Tiles

It’s always good to start small, like making your own glass mosaic tile. This gift will let your crafter or Diyer make their own mosaic tile and give them the skills to make bigger pieces in the future.

Uphome 3 Pack Embroidery Starter Kit for Beginners

Instead of buying an embroidery piece, give this gift to the crafter that would love to make one themselves. It comes with three different designs, hoops, and color threads needed to create these beautiful images.

35000pcs 2mm Glass Seed Beads for Jewelry Making Kit

Calling all jewelry makers out there! Buy this jewelry-making kit that has 250 pieces of all types of beads to help the maker in your life make more creations.

Adults & Crafts Crate – Monthly Craft Subscription Box

Craft Crush Thread Bowls Kit

Thread bowls are so beautiful! Any maker would love this simple and beautiful thread bowl craft kit. You will learn to make bowels out of thread that is really small, it’s great for beginners!

The Natural Soap Making Book for Beginners

Soap making is such a cool craft to do and people who know and want to learn how to make soap will love this book! 

Complete Acrylic Paint Set

This is a great gift to give somebody who loves to create with acrylic. Give this complete acrylic paint that comes with 24 colors and paintbrushes. 

Chalkola Watercolor Paint Set 

Chalkola’s Watercolor paint set comes with 36 colored tubes and 10 paintbrushes, perfect for crafters who love to paint especially with watercolor.

Palksky Wax Seal Mat for Wax Sealing Stamp

This is a 250-piece wax seal stamp kit that is perfect for the maker who loves to create elegant crafts.

Creative Woman Kit Club – Craft Subscription Club

This craft monthly subscription box is a club for women who love making all sorts of things with their hands. This subscription box is an amazing gift for the special women in your life keep crafting.

Best gift for makers under $50

For the ones who want to splurge a little bit below we have all types of cool gifts for makers crafters in DIYers that are more than $50.

Marynee DIY String Art Craft Kit

String art is actually really easy to do and a great gift to give to anyone who loves making pretty things. Give this gift will impress the one who loves sunflowers and loves making things with their hands.

Katech Crochet Hooks Set with Crochet Case

Crocheting is definitely an art for the ones who have patience and creativity. Buy this crochet set that has 73 pieces of a crocheter you know.

4 in 1 Macrame kit Adult Beginner

Oh my, I love this macramé kit and I’m sure your crafter will love it too. The crafter in your life will be able to make a wall hanger for a plant, dream catcher, and keychain.

Jo-Ann Stores Gift Card

I love an amazing gift card for a gift! Gifting a Joann gift card or any type of gift card that can help the maker in your life craft more is perfect.

Scotch Thermal Laminator

Having a thermal laminator is actually pretty useful in the home, especially for a crafter! Give the gift of a laminator to the one in your life who loves being organized and preserving their work. 

Sewing Machine Jute Twine Ball String and Scissors Holder Set

Any maker would love this ball and string scissor holder. As makers and crafters know, we use a lot of string for many things so to have a place for it’s amazing.

55 PCS Epoxy Resin Kit for Beginners

Would the maker in your life be interested in trying a resin craft? This risen kit for beginners comes with different colors dyes glitters, measuring cups, and molds needed to make beautiful resin artwork.

Plotube Calligraphy Pen Set

Calligraphy is a beautiful art form and it would be a great gift to give to someone who is interested in it. This calligraphy pen set includes seven different color ink bottles an antique brass holder and a wood dip pen needed to make beautiful calligraphy.

Hands Casting Kit for Up to 6 People

This gift could be great for a baby shower or for someone who is just expanding their family. Definitely a great keepsake! This gift is thoughtful for the people in your life who will appreciate it.

Stainless Steel Jerky Gun Kit

As we all know beef jerky can be expensive! This beef jerky gun is made of high-quality stainless steel and is simple to clean. For the ones who love being in the kitchen, giving a gift that saves them money is a win-win.

72 pcs Wood Burning Kit

This gift is for the crafter who loves all things wood crafts. Giving them 72 piece wood burning kit to help them make their own piece of art is so thoughtful. 

Ravioli Stamp Maker Sets

I must say I would love this gift for myself! Getting a ravioli stamp maker cutter set is genius. For the makers in the kitchen, this gift is amazing.

BeaverCraft, Wood Carving Kit Comfort Bird DIY

We have another wood kit here that is for the ones who want to take it a step further. Carving out your own piece of wood to create an animal or any object is very impressive. Get this wood carving kit for the person in your life who loves making things with wood.

Sourdough Bread Making Tools Kit

I’m a sourdough baker myself and I would love a gift like this. For the one person in your life who is starting to bake or wants to start sourdough baking this gift will start them off on the right track.

Bonsai Starter Kit

Over 10,000 people have bought this bonsai starter kit on Amazon. This is a great gift for a gardener and maker in your life, even if they don’t garden it is still a cool thing to give.

9 Herb Window Garden

I love growing my own food and I’m sure the garden/maker here in your life does too. Given this nine herb window garden is so simple and thoughtful to give to any occasion.

STMT Hand Stamped Jewelry, DIY Personalized Stamp Jewelry

Not only great for an adult but teenagers and kids will also love a hand-stamped jewelry kit. This gift won’t break the bank and will be a very useful and thoughtful gift to anyone in your life.

The Big Book of Homemade Products for Your Skin, Health and Home: Easy, All-Natural DIY Projects Using Herbs, Flowers and Other Plants

A book full of DIY projects made up of plants is a deal for the person in your life who loves all things natural. There is nothing better than making your own natural skincare products

Resin Kit by Craft It Up! 

We picked this resin kit for beginners because it’s for the person who hasn’t quite started using resin but wants to. This is a great gift for somebody who is just starting to learn how to make crafts with resin.

Complete Sushi Making Kit for Beginners 

Do you know a sushi lover? If you do they would love this sushi they will enjoy sushi-making with this kit which has everything you need to make sushi. Love this gift!

Best gift for makers $50 or more

DIY Melt & Pour Shea Butter Soap Making Kit

Shea butter is very moisturizing and great for the skin and it is especially good in soaps. If you know someone who loves making their own skincare giving them this Shea butter soap-making kit will be perfect.

DIY Model Kit to Build Luminous Globe Night Light 

A DIY model kit like this globe nightlight looks like a challenge but not for the crafter who’s up for it. Buying this gift is a great way to show the one in your life how special they are to you.

408-Piece Mechanics Tool Set

Sometimes the perfect tool or multiple tools can be a bit pricey, but this mechanics tool set is a great deal and an amazing resource for people who love to fix it themselves.

Engraver, Etcher, Sander, and Polisher Tool kit

An engraver, sander, and polisher kit will help make amazing creations for the crafter in your life. This gift is very thoughtful and useful for anyone who loves to work with their hands.

Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

Brother sewing machines are one of the best machines out there! This machine has got great reviews on Amazon and features 27 stitches for the sewer in your life.

Cricut EasyPress 2 Heat Press Machine

A heat press is actually pretty handy to have to help make all types of bags, T-shirts, and other things crafters want to make. This is an ideal gift, especially for ones who already know how to make all types of bags pillows, T-shirts, and so much more.

Electric Pottery Wheel Machine 

Blow away the crafter in your life by getting them a pottery wheel machine to make all things ceramic. I think any family member or friend who would love this great gift would be impressed..I know I would!

Dorhui 356 Pieces Leathercraft Tools Kit

Leathercrafts are not that common but this leather craft kit is a great gift for someone who wants to try making leather crafts for themselves.

Lincostore Photo Video Studio Light Kit

This professional photography light kit contains what you need to do your own DIY photography. If you know someone who takes their own professional-looking photos then this gift will blow them away.

Luxury Candle Making Kit

Soy wax candles are a safer option in the home compared to other candles. Give the special maker in your life the gift of a soy candle kit so they can create a keepsake you gifted to them.

Wood Burning Kit

If you know someone who is just learning how do you make art with wood-burning this gift is perfect for them. This is a beginner’s kit of woodburning that comes with everything you need to start.

Large Wooden Flower Press Kit

For all the flower lovers out there, this large wooden flower press is so beautiful and elegant. This manual flower press will make the most beautiful pieces of art with flowers. I definitely will snag this for myself!

I hope you got plenty of ideas for gifts for makers, DIYers, and crafters! Let us know in the comments if you got ideas for gifts for makers!

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