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Do you need help grinding your spices? Here will help you find the best blender for spices and grinders, giving you the top 27 picks that are out in the market today.

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Grinding your own spices is very satisfying, and a great way to be self-sufficient when it comes to spices. If you grow your spices then you are ahead of the game since there is nothing better than fresh beans that are homegrown

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I recommend growing your own herbs especially if you’re reading this post, you already have done it, or are thinking about it.

As a gardener myself, I grow a lot of different herbs and make my own spice blends at home. Do you have a garden and dry spices?

 I recommend doing that if you don’t, that’s okay if you buy many different herbs at farmers’ markets or buy larger quantities from the grocery store instead. 

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All you have to do is preserve those spices to make your own spices at home to use in all types of dishes.

So you have your herbs, they are dried now, and now you have to grind them! 

In this post, we go through 20 different blenders and the differences between a blender and a grinder giving you grinder options too.

All the blenders on this list are the best models on the market today. We will help you find the right blender for you and help you make an excellent choice.

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Best blender for Spices Buying guide.

The first thing you want to do before buying a blender for spices is to:

Know your budget. 

How much are you willing to pay for a blender? You need to make that decision first so you can buy one at an affordable price that is within your budget.

Then you have to think about how often you used his splendor for your spices. 

Is it just a one-time thing every year or is it a constant thing? How many spices are you going to be grinding? Are you only focused on small batches or big batches? After you ask yourself these questions you will have an idea of the size of the blender and the best choice for you.

Get the best blender power

Blending power is important because if you are blending a lot of spices, you’re going to need something strong and capable of blending a lot of spices at once.

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Look for a high speed.

With power comes high speed, and a blender with variable speed control is a perfect choice. Pick a blender with a powerful motor and variable speeds, especially a high-speed option will be the best blender to get. 

Easy cleaning 

A blender that is easy to clean is a good thing to observe in a blender. If it is easy to clean then it also usually has a simple design. If it has a lot of smaller pieces, it might be a pain to clean so keep this in mind when choosing a blender for spices.

The Noise Factor 

You don’t want a blender that will be too noisy in your home keep this in mind when buying a blender for spices. You don’t want something that will be too loud and becomes an annoyance to you and everyone else in your home. 

Blade Quality

Blade quality, length, size, and distance in a blender are important to note. Try to find one that is sharp, has stainless steel blades, and is constructed well. You want a sharp blade made with quality materials that won’t be easy to brake and last for a long time.

Find a Multifunctional Blender

The last tip is to get a blender that is multi-functional and can be used to blend anything. Sometimes there is no need to get specific grinders, like a coffee grinder, food processor, electric spice grinder, nut grinder, or other unnecessary kitchen appliances.

If you’re going to spend a good amount of money on a blender for spices, make sure you can use it to blend a wide variety of food.

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Best overall blender for spices

What’s the best overall blender for spices? 


Any Vitamix blender is the one of best overall blenders for spice since it’s one of the most powerful blenders out on the market today.

A Vitamix blender is a pricey item, but it is worth the investment as you can blend, grind, blend, and mix so many various fruits and vegetables.

If you are going to be grinding plenty of spices and constantly in the kitchen, then getting a vita mix is an investment worth buying.

Cheapest blender for spices

Amateys Personal Blender

This compact blender is the cheapest out of all the blenders we listed and can grind a smaller amount of spices. Even though it is priced lower than other high-end blenders it has great reviews and can do the job well for its size.

20 best blenders for spices

Blendtec Blender: Classic 575 model

This high-quality blender has a stainless-steel forged blade, and a vented lid, and can handle a small amount or a large number of spices at once. It’s also self-cleaning and has 5 speeds to choose from!

Magic Bullet Small Blender 

The magic bullet blender is a convenient tool to have and doesn’t take up to much space in your kitchen. It can chop and grind plenty of herbs as well as being very simple to use.

KOIOS Countertop Blender

This is an 850-watt blender that can blend spices, dry beans, and all types of fruit and vegetables. It is easy to use, is detachable, and comes with 2 bullet-size cups.

Hamilton Beach Professional

This is a commercial-grade blender that can do it all as it is the mixer, juicer, grinder, and overall high-performing blender. It runs on 1400 watts of power, has leakproof stainless steel jars, and has 13 program settings.

Ninja BL660 Professional Compact 

This Ninja blender has an 1100-watt motor and can chop, blend, grind and blend all types of foods. You can blend in a 16 oz cup for convenience and take a capacity of 72 oz and ad 3 manual speeds. 

NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z Blender 

With a powerful stainless steel blade, this blender has three speeds and is easy to clean. It also has a pulse function and has 1200 watts of power. 

CleanBlend Blender

A commercial blender you can use at home, that is heavy duty and can grind a large number of spices. It is a multi-use blender that has an 8-blade bearing that is stainless steel and pretty much unbreakable. 

CHULUX Bullet Blender

This is a compact blender that operates on only one button and grinds smaller quantities of spices. It is portable, easy to clean, and has great safety features. 

Vitamix Blender- Red 7500 Blender

This Vitamix has 10 speeds and has a 64 oz container where you can grind up plenty of spices. Made with stainless steel blades and can self-clean within 30 to 60 seconds.

Vitamix E 310 Explorian Blender

The Vitamix explorian is a more affordable priced Vitamix that also has 10 speeds in a 64 oz container and can grind a large number of spices. 

Vitamix Ascent Smart Blender

This high-power Vitamix has more bells and whistles that have built-in wireless, touchscreen controls, and is a multifunctional blender. A little bit more pricey than your average but has all the right to be pricey because it is a high-quality blender. 

NutriBullet Pro 

With powerful stainless steel blades, this compact blender is a powerful one that can blend and grind all types of foods including a small number of spices. It is easy to clean, doesn’t take up to much, space, and is simple to use. 

NutriBullet Rx N 17-1001 Blender

This small blender can only take a small number of spices but it s a handy blender to have in your kitchen. It has 1700 watt motor, smart technology, and is easy to clean. 

Blendtec Designer Series Blender

This is a splurge purchase but a very powerful blender to have and can grind 90 oz of spices in one go. The machine is easy to clean and has great reviews from a lot of customers on Amazon. 

Bella Rocket Blender

It is small to keep in a kitchen without taking to much space and can grind a small number of spices. This compact blender is powerful for its size and an effective tool to have in the kitchen. The blender has 285 watts of power, has stainless steel blades, and is easy to clean.

Amateys Personal Blender

This small blender is a countertop blender that can blend spices, coffee beans, and blend fruit and vegetables. The price is unbeatable as it is a no-name brand but does that job as well as a known compact blender. You can store it in small spaces, is easy to use, and clean, and has 350 watts of power.

Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System

This blender can blend up to 64 oz for food and grind plenty of spices if needed. It has powerful chopping blades, uses 1500 watts of power, can be loud, and is priced reasonably. 

Blendtec Classic 570 Blender

Blendtec blenders are high-quality and professional-grande blenders that can grind a ton of herbs to crate all the spice blends you need. This is an expensive purchase but is an excellent blender that has a powerful blade and a 90oz container.

BioloMix Heavy Duty Professional Blender

This blender is known to be as good as a Blentec but without a high price tag. It is a powerful blender that can grind spices and so much more in the kitchen. It is 2,200W, has a 70oz BPA-free container, and can self-clean in about 30-60 seconds. 

AMZCHEF Smoothie Countertop Blender

A reasonably priced but powerful blender that can grind spice and blend many different foods. It has 3-speed controls, runs on 1,800 watts of power, has a heavy-duty stainless steel blade, and comes with a 63 oz container.

All these blenders are the top blenders out in the market today! You can grind so many spices, fruits, vegetables, and so much more with any of these high-powered and useful appliances in your kitchen.

Depending on your budget and what you’re willing to invest in, any of these blenders will do the job of grinding your spices.

Know if you’re not interested in blending or mixing any other food and just want to do spices a grinder might be best for you. Below we have listed the top grinders in the market today and they are solely used to grind up spaces of all shapes and sizes.

Blender vs Grinder

The difference between a blender and a grinder is that a grinder is specifically just to grind. You can not blend large amounts of food and do multiple things that a blender can do so it’s solely made to grind up herbs.

I wouldn’t recommend using a grinder like a blender as it is not made to do all the functions and blender can do.

7 Top Grinders for Spices

COOL KNIGHT Herb Grinder 

This is my grinder. I use this for small amounts of spices that I harvest and preserve for my garden. I love this grinder because it is small, compact, very powerful, and can grind herbs in 5-15 seconds flat.

With only one hand you can grind various herbs and make all types of spice blends. I also love the look of this grinder and how simple the design is and appreciate how super easy it is to use!

Electric Grain Mill 

This electric grain mill is a workhorse for large amounts of spices that you want to blend. It will take up a little more room in your kitchen, but it is useful for the ones who have big batches of herbs and spices they want to grind up and mix. It’s made of stainless steel, runs off 2,500 watts of power and you can grind food down to a super fine powder.

Beerfingo Electric-Herb-Grinder

This grinder can fit in your hand as it is portable, waterproof, rechargeable, and can grind up to 3.5 ounces. Made for someone who only needs to grind very little spices and has very little space. For someone who lives alone and likes simplicity, this grinder is a great choice. 

Secura Electric Coffee Grinder and Spice Grinder

A very popular grinder on Amazon, the Secura grinder is reasonably priced, made of high-quality materials like stainless steel, and runs on 200 watts of power. It is great to grind wet or dry spices, is highly efficient, and has lots of power for a small grinder.

It will be money well spent if you choose to go with this affordable grinder. 

Mamba 1g 50mm Electric Herb Grinder.

We wanted to give you a hand-powered option for times you might just need a quick way to grind your spices. It’s battery powered so no cords are a plus, it comes with cleaning tools, can grind up to 1 ounce of herbs, and is simple to use with one push of a button. 

Homend High Speed 700g Electric Grain Mill Grinder

The Homend grinder is made of stainless steel, has a leakproof design, and is easy to clean. Reviews have stated that this grinder does the job well but look out for it getting too hot as it can heat up quickly when being used. You grind grains and spices effectively with this grinder and get the job done. 

BLAAZE 110V Powerful 800W Mixer Grinder 

This is a high-powered grinder that comes with multiple attachments to make all types of food including grinding spices. It’s made of stainless steel, a 1000ml grinding jar, and a 400 ml chutney grinding jar.

Best Blender for Spices FAQ

Can you blend spices in a blender?

Yes, you can blend spices in a blender especially if you have a large number of spices that you need to cut up. Depending on how big the blade is it is sometimes better to use a spice grinder for small amounts of spices. Overall, spices can be ground in a blender that is high-powered and can hold a lot of spices.

What is the best way to grind spices?

The best way to grind spices is done with a spice grinder or a blender because it is the fastest way compared to doing it by hand. By blending the spices with a blender or grinder, you will get a more fine result as these types of blades can cut your herbs evenly and provide you with an abundance of culinary spices.

Can you put whole spices in a blender?

Yes, you can put whole spices in a blender but be mindful that when you’re grinding larger size whole spices the grinder or blender being used needs to be strong enough to withhold the force.

Also, keep in mind it will be loud just because you are cutting up a whole space, for example, if you’re cutting up pepper seeds, your house will be a little noisy at that time

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Which is the best blender for spices?

The best blender spice is a high-powered, commercial-grade blender that can cut and grind all spices. Getting a blender that has a powerful motor, sharp blade, and is made of high-quality material makes a difference.

It’s important to know the best blender for spices depends on everyone’s specific budget, needs, and what’s best for each person’s kitchen. 

Is it worth grinding your spices?

It is worth grinding your herbs to make your spices because you will save a lot of money doing it. Especially if you are growing your herbs you can dry them and then grind them to make your culinary spices and spice blends.

Supporting local farmers who sell herbs is another great way to start preserving herbs to make your spices.

Final thoughts

Choosing the best blender for spices, you can do a lot of research or don’t know where to look. So we are happy to do the research for you and make it easy to pick the best blender for you.

 I believe the best blender for spices is the one that fits your budget and your space and will do the job. 

There are a lot of commercial-grade blenders that are very powerful but are very expensive so giving you other more affordable options can help you pick and choose the one you want. 

I have the vita mix and I have the Blink grinder as I use them both in different ways so overall. It all depends on your overall need, and you’ll be able to pick the best blender for spices for your situation.

I hope all the types of blenders and grinders we listed can help you make a great choice that will give the best results when grinding spices.

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